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SEO content marketing roundup, week ending December 19th

Hello again … and goodbye … at least for 2012!

Today’s roundup is our last for this year and it continues the drumbeat of 2012 – you must have unique, high quality, and compelling content to engage your visitors and satisfy Google. The Content Marketing section gives you an abundance of resources to help deliver on this business need.

The year ends with Google and Twitter at opposing ends of the negative keyword debate and social media infiltrating the customer service function.  Who knew!?

Be safe and enjoy what I hope will be a slower pace for the next two weeks.  See you next year!

Content Marketing

Should you outsource or should you build in-house capability? Corey Eridon gives some pointers at Hubspot.

So you need to put up a website … or you need to refresh your existing website. No problem, right? Just do it. Heather Lloyd Martin gives you some food for thought at SEO Copywriting.

How following your passion can create content that propels growth. Michael Stelzner waves the flag at Social Media Examiner.

Keep saying “No!” to bad content. Sonia Simone leads the rally at Copyblogger.

Have some fun with Rachel Sprung as she takes you down memory lane to look at memorable marketing campaigns of 2012 at Hubspot.

Lee Odden busts some myths about content marketing at TopRank.

Learn what high quality content looks like from three great content sites. Zach Bulygo guides the tour at KISSmetrics.

Can your blog’s visibility be increased by using images? It depends on the image. Tara Hornor snaps some shots at Social Media Today.

Holiday shopping got your brain frozen? Try these 10 content marketing tips from Cindy King at Social Media Examiner.

You have so many marketing choices today, especially online. Which ones are worth your time? Corey Eridon tells you where to focus and what to ignore at Hubspot.

How can Quentin Tarantino help with your content marketing? Bnonn slices it up at KISSmetrics.

Do you do keyword research? Stoney deGeyter provides a guide to creating compelling and creative content at Search Engine Land.

Beth Hayden has a pain-free, three step process for keyword research at Copyblogger.

Amy Teeple takes you on another ride as she continues the theme of how cycling is like content marketing at SEO Copywriting.

Need a how-to guide for blogging? Sean Work takes you through the definitive guide at KISSmetrics.


SEO and Search

What happened last Thursday? According to Google … nothing. Barry Schwartz begs to differ at Search Engine Land.

For those who are interested in alternative search engines, Blekko released a suite of new SEO tools. Chris Crum details them at WebProNews.

Don’t be so negative! Todd Wasserman introduces Twitter’s negative keyword targeting feature at Mashable.

At the same time, Google remains very resistant to negative SEO. Chris Crum tells why at WebProNews.

What gets to the bottom of the funnel? Sales! Matt Gratt shows how to drive sales by optimizing bottom of the funnel keywords at KISSmetrics.

What’s hot and what’s not for 2013? Nathan Safran gives you the rundown at Search Engine Land.

Can B2B marketers find success using Facebook? Ben Pickering tells them how at Social Media Examiner.

Google’s effort to make image search G-rated makes Google search worse. Josh Wolford lays it bare at WebProNews.

Get the basics of social media taxonomy from Jesse Bardo at Social Media Today.

For those who just can’t get enough … more SEO and social media lessons from the November election from Jayson DeMers at Search Engine Journal.

Are you a white hat SEO? Eric Enge has a test for you at Search Engine Watch.


  • Learn How to Succeed in Online Marketing at SES New York held March 25th-28th, 2013 in, where else? New York!
  • Immerse yourself in game-changing SEO and paid search tactics at SMX West 2013 March 11th – 13th, 2013 in San Jose, CA.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t be scared … think different about security and risk when using social media. Scott Doniger calms your fears at Social Media Today.

Bing gets social on the iPad. Matt McGee takes you aside at Search Engine Land.

Chris Horton thinks win-win-win about Google+ Communities at Social Media Today.

Wally Xie shares the 4 habits of successful people using social media for customer service at Social Media Today.

Can your sales team use Twitter to connect with more prospects? Juliette Kopecky sings like a canary at HubSpot.

Using social media to prospect for your business? Beware … Jonathan Catley shares an example of how this can go terribly wrong at Social Media Today.

AJ Kumar shows how to split test your Twitter marketing at Social Media Examiner.

What’s with all the hash(tags)? Don’t know the difference between breakfast potatoes and a Twitter hashtag? Pam Moore gives you a Twitter Hashtag tutorial at Social Media Today.

Lee Odden continues with his myth-busting theme. This time about social media marketing at TopRank.

How blind are B2B execs to social media marketing? Lenna Garibian says they are really blind at MarketingProfs.


photo thanks to nataliecreates

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your Copywriter

In my seven years as a content writer/copy writer/web creator, I’ve had some terrific clients and client relationships. And then there are those that have made me want to head for the hills screaming. Working with bad clients is part of the small business game sometimes.

Been burned before? So have we. Any freelance copywriter can tell you horror stories about clients, and I’m sure you’ve had the same with outsourced providers. From missed deadlines to messaging that completely missed the mark, it happens. And when it happens it makes you want to rethink outsourcing and magically find the budget to hire in-house.

I’m here to save you that expense.

Here’s how to find a great SEO copywriter, content marketing coordinator or web content creator that is right for your copy project.

Understand What You Need

Going into the outsourcing process without doing your research is a bit like diving into an open body of water. If you do, you could end up in pretty bad shape. Let me tell you – I’m much more likely to spend time and energy with a client who knows her needs than someone who sends and email that says “My SEO says I need some copy on the site – can you help?”

When you don’t understand the whys of content and copy, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Content can help you meet your overall business goals in a number of different ways. Spending a little time on Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs or here at SEO Copywriting will help you define exactly what you need and help your copywriter hit the ground running.

Define Your Budget

If you walk into a project trying to get the lowest price possible, you’re going to be hiring some pretty unprofessional writers. The truth is you’re more likely to find someone you can trust and rely on if you can pay a professional rate. How do you find out what you should be paying? Get a number of different quotes from writers to see where the average falls. It’s not scientific but it should give you a ballpark of what you should be paying.

Know Their Process Before You Start

Preparation is the key to a great contractor-copywriter relationship. Effective online writers have a process that they follow to ensure that what they produce helps you achieve your goals and works in with your overall digital marketing efforts. Ask about their process before you start. If they don’t have one, move on.

Talk on the Phone

I’m an introvert by nature and a tech-head, so email is my best friend. But I always get on the phone for new and continuing clients. At the start of the proposal process, it’s important to have a phone conversation or meet in person. Talking on the phone with your potential copywriter or content writing provider can help you ask important questions that will calm your fears about outsourcing. It’s well worth the time.

Understand that First Drafts Suck Sometimes

One of my worst experiences early on in my career was with a client who was clearly not familiar with how copywriting works (and to be truthful, I had done a terrible job at preparing him). I delivered the first draft of several pages of web copy only to have them thrown back as a “waste of money” and a demand for a refund. I was literally in tears.

Copywriting and content creation are creative processes (hence the “creation” part). Expecting a copywriter to come on board, instantly start understanding your brand’s voice and your product is a fantasy. It takes time. It takes edits. But it will get there. I always warn new blogging clients that the first month of posts are going to need some input from them and that we want to get the style and approach just right.

Look for Ways to Continue Work Together

Trust grows the more you work together, so if you’re happy with a copywriter’s first project, look for new ways to work together. Most copywriters offer a little bit of everything from web copy to white papers to blog posts. Not all do, but it’s worth asking about. Why not leverage the time and energy the copywriter has put into learning about your business and create something new together?

Have you learned to stop worrying and love your copywriter? Or if you’re a copywriter, how do you make sure clients can trust you before you start?

photo thanks to steve_case

About the Author ~ Courtney Ramirez

Courtney Ramirez is a proud graduate of the SuccessWorks’ SEO Copywriting Certification training program, and CEO of Six Degrees Content. She is obsessed with helping clients stand out from the competition with smart content marketing. You can connect with Courtney at her brand’s Google Plus pageFacebookLinkedIn, and on Twitter @CourtneyRami.

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3 Things to Consider Before a Site Launch

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses the value of developing quality content and keyphrase research before launching your site. She highlights the perils of not consulting an SEO expert and the disappointment of overemphasizing site design versus quality content.

Check it here:

3 Things to Consider Before a Site Launch

Many companies forget to talk to an SEO expert prior to launching a site, especially an SEO expert who understands content.

Companies that neglect to consult an SEO expert often produce a great looking site, but the site performs poorly on Google. Content may be beautifully written, yet it may not be easily found.

Here are the 3 things to consider before a site launch:

1. How much room will be available for the content?

  • Some site templates allow for only 75 words of content
  • Consider the length of your content
  • It is easier to have more room for content than not enough room


2. What is your keyphrase universe?

  • Some companies write their content before conducting any keyphrase research
  • This requires content to be edited after it has been created … which takes a lot of time
  • Research before you launch and set up a per page strategy. If you are constrained by time or expertise, you can always hire a contractor to help


3. What content needs to be “live” before a site launches?

  • Some companies overemphasize site design and completely forget about content
  • This often results in poorly worded “placeholder” content to be modified later
  • Content is sometimes imported from the older site … and you didn’t like that content!
  • Make sure you have your quality content completed before you launch


It’s simply a matter of “pay me now, or pay me later” when you launch a site. A beautifully designed site with little or no quality content will remain that: a beautifully designed site. And it will stay beautiful because it will have very few visitors to trample upon it!

Instead, focus on quality content and keyphrase research prior to developing and launching your site. Help the search engines help you!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s SEO copywriting how-to! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or an idea for the next video post, please let me know! Contact me, or find me on Twitter @heatherlloyd!

photo thanks to dan.montesi (Dan Montesi)

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SEO content marketing roundup, week ending December 12th

Okay … I’ve been bangin’ the drum for weeks now about how important it is that you have unique and compelling content. No more gaming the algorithm. Write what your readers need to hear. The rest will take care of itself.  Don’t over-engineer your copy!

Telling stories, providing valuable tidbits, and teaching your readers. Those are the keys to the kingdom. Yes, metrics matter and you should always try to optimize your keyphrases, but please don’t let that impact your message. Google continues to pivot in favor of rewarding content that is interesting and genuinely shared. It knows how you are gaming the system, so … just stop it!

Everything you need is in this week’s Marketing roundup. Read it, heed it, and polish that content. Give me something great to read over my holiday.  Please?

Content Marketing

What are the five most persuasive words in the English language? Gregory Ciotti reveals them and makes the case why persuasive copy must contain them at Copyblogger.

We all try to give our readers good content.  Sometimes that includes a link to related content. But does anyone really click on links in your blog post? Corey Eridon uncovers the truth at HubSpot.

How is cycling like content marketing? Amy Teeple takes us for a ride at SEO Copywriting.

Win the content marketing battle with personalization.  Alexis Hall reveals the secret at TopRank.

Lighten up Francis! Take your B2B stiffness to a different place. Kathy Klotz-Guest shows you how to get results at Social Media Today.

Be a star! Create richer content for your followers. Michael Stelzner shows the benefits of having your own show using video or podcasts at Social Media Examiner.

Janet Aronica shows you how to create content that spreads like a virus at HubSpot.

The kings of content marketing have spoken. Gregory Ciotti gives you five important lessons at KISSmetrics.

Ever hear of a story arc? It’s the hook that captures the attention of most humans. Georgina Laidlaw spins a yarn about its importance in content development at Copyblogger.

Getting lazy with your content creation? Brush up over the holidays with recommendations from Heather Lloyd Martin at SEO Copywriting.

Seeing is believing. Steve Olenski says content marketing is greatly enhanced through visual stimulation. Check it out at Social Media Today.


SEO and Search

Dig deep in your SEO Audits. Alan Bleiweiss discusses large scale link evaluation at Search Engine Journal.

Check out these 10 SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings–and Your Website from Marty Reardon at Marketingprofs.

Is duplicate content stealing traffic from your site? Jill Whelan breaks it down at High Rankings Advisor.

Learn the basics of running A/B tests to win big for your business. Lars Lofgren takes you through a tried and true process at KISSmetrics.

Are you new to this whole SEO gig? Learn what you need to get started from Sujan Patel at Search Engine Journal.

Change is afoot and modern link building is the target. Learn more from Eric Ward at Search Engine Watch.

Metrics, metrics, metrics. Enough already! Pamela Vaughan makes the case that a unilateral focus on metrics can be dangerous at HubSpot.

Are you measuring your SEO ROI? Do you know how? Sean Work leads you by the hand at KISSmetrics.

Jim Yu takes you through a best practices architecture upon which to build your 2013 Enterprise SEO campaign at Search Engine Watch.

And if we haven’t convinced you yet of the the importance of unique content, Chris Crum lets Matt Cutts rip on the value of unique content at WebProNews.

Matthew Peneycad shows how to search Twitter with eagle-like vision at Social Media Today.


  • Learn How to Succeed in Online Marketing at SES New York held March 25th-28th, 2013 in, where else? New York!
  • Immerse yourself in game-changing SEO and paid search tactics at SMX West 2013 March 11th – 13th, 2013 in San Jose, CA.

Social Media Marketing

Home is where the heart is … your home page, that is. Chris Street tells you how your website is the best place to drive social media marketing at Social Media Today.

Use Facebook as an online PR tool? Say it isn’t so. Miranda Miller says it is so at TopRank.

Wondering which links are driving your traffic? Which Facebook post is responsible? Brian Reilly shows how to use Google Analytics to improve your Social Marketing Campaign at Social Media Examiner.

Customer service goes social.  Ashley Zeckman shows how 3 companies are successfully using social media to provide outstanding customer service at TopRank.

Profit by using your professional network on LinkedIn. Patricia Redsicker shows the way at Social Media Examiner.

If you don’t establish authorship on Google+, don’t worry Google will do it for you! Matt McGee explains at Search Engine Land.


photo thanks to MarthaRiley

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3 Ways to get “Back to the Basics” of SEO copywriting

Has the hustle-bustle of the holiday season put you over the edge? This has been a year of change … my head is certainly spinning. Heck, some days I’m unable to distinguish a Penguin from a Panda!

Life often gets complicated and overwhelming during the Christmas holiday season. As you wind down the year and think about your New Year’s resolution, consider keeping it simple.

Heather takes us “Back to the Basics” with three fundamental SEO copywriting how-to videos. Watch and be reminded how sticking to the basics of SEO copywriting can improve your business in 2013.

What is SEO Copywriting?

In this video how-to, Heather strips SEO copywriting down to the bare bones: what it is, how it differs from straight copywriting, and why it is so important for web pages and sites.

At its core, SEO copywriting (or SEO content) is online writing that includes keyphrases, i.e. words people type into a search box to find the information they need.

Some say the best SEO is great content. Your writing – how and what you write – has everything to do with customer satisfaction, search engine ranking, traffic to your blog, and financial success. Good SEO copywriting engages your customers, makes you money and attracts incoming links.

SEO editing vs. copywriting for SEO

SEO/keyphrase editing and SEO copywriting are very different:

  • SEO (Keyphrase) Editing: SEO editing is most appropriate for existing content that isn’t crucial to the sales/conversion goals of the copy. It means taking the most relevant, applicable keywords and phrases for a page and working them in where they naturally fit:  you’re not rewriting or substantively revising the existing copy.
  • Copywriting for SEO: SEO copywriting means you’re starting from scratch, and creating the content geared for a customer persona, including call to action, tone and feel of the site, and other copywriting fundamentals, while massaging in the keywords and keyphrases as you write.

SEO copywriting tips: How to create a clickable Title

Great Titles help increase search engine rankings – and help visitors convert from the search engine results page (SERP) page.

Titles have a very specific structure:

  • Page Titles are limited to 50 – 75 characters, including spaces. Try to keep them to around 69 characters.
  • The Page Title “lives” above your browser window, and appears in the backend code framed as <title>My Cool Web Page<title>
  • Be sure to include the keyphrases you use for the page in the Title for that page
Titles serve a dual purpose:
  • Well-written Titles paired with strong content help pages position well on the SERP
  • Clickable, compelling Titles tempt your prospects to click on your link rather than the nine competing links on the SERP, improving your website’s click-thru rate

photo thanks to Noell (Noell Hyman)

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SEO content marketing roundup, week ending December 5th

It’s that time of year again … too many parties and not enough time. It seems everyone uses the approaching Christmas holiday season to get social.

In the next two weeks I have five Holiday lunch gatherings and four evening Holiday parties scheduled.  I think using Facebook or Twitter would be easier on my liver and waistline!

As I mentioned in last week’s roundup, pay attention to your fellow marketing professionals. Your inbox is sure to be full of offers each day in the coming weeks.

Please let us know if you’ve spotted any superb campaigns. Did you buy something because of an email? Don’t be shy about telling us why you think a particular approach worked.

Enjoy the parties and this week’s roundup!

Content Marketing

Is it time for you to abandon Facebook? Revisit the notion of digital sharecropping with Sonia Simone as she sows some seeds at Copyblogger.

Pamela Vaughan prognosticates about insightful marketing predictions for 2013 at HubSpot.

Get the best Content Marketing tips from the best in Social Business. Erin Nelson reveals them at Search Engine Journal.

Need to produce high quality content to keep up with Google? Try using interns! Nathan Parcells tells you why at KISSmetrics.

If you are a content creator, check out Roald Dahl’s solution. Robert Peters shares the discipline at Copyblogger.

When is the best time to publish a blog post? Matt McGee reveals the precise hour at Small Business Search Marketing.

Can you really make money from blogging? In a corporation? Lee Odden gives the lowdown at TopRank.

Is it context marketing or content marketing? I don’t get it. Corey Eridon sets you straight at HubSpot.

How can you track your offline marketing campaigns with online analytics? Kristi Hines shows you some tricks at KISSmetrics.

Read how content marketing is like riding a bike. Amy Teeple turns the crank at SEO Copywriting.


SEO and Search

Learn 7 Advanced Link Building strategies for a competitive edge from Pratik Dholakiya at Search Engine Journal.

Are small businesses getting Google+d? Corey Eridon details the challenges placed on them at HubSpot.

Don’t let your SEO battleship get sunk. Kristine Schachinger says “Damn the torpedoes” at Search Engine Watch.

Need a template to help you master PPC campaigns? Matthew Wainwright leads the way at HubSpot.

Are thieves stealing your content? Learn how to protect your property. Phillip Garrett shows you how at KISSmetrics.

Are you wasting money on SEO? Chad VanCalster has an opinion at Social Media Today.

Get in the trenches and learn about Google Analytics’ best updates and the most common user mistakes from Jenise Uehara Henrikson at Search Engine Journal.

Take your Twitter campaign to a new level with SEO data. Jim Yu tells you how to do it at Search Engine Land.

Lee Odden reminisces about a couple search pioneers who were a perfect match: Vanessa Fox and Mel Carson. Read more at TopRank.

How do you feel about getting “Scroogled?” Chris Crum looks at Bing’s holiday dig of Google at WebProNews.


  • Learn How to Succeed in Online Marketing at SES New York held March 25th-28th, 2013 in, where else? New York!

Social Media Marketing

Are you a B2B copywriter? Learn how video might be the key to exploding your business. Brett Relander has some compelling data at Social Media Today.

Have you gotten really social, really fast? Ian Cleary helps you keep those relationships fresh with three tools to simplify Social Marketing at Social Media Examiner.

Think you’re a heavy hitter? How’s your Klout score? Does anyone care? Michael Schrage may surprise you at Harvard Business Review.

Social media advertising is a bit of an art form. Ashley Zeckman reveals four tips for using Twitter Ads and Promoted Tweets at TopRank.

Here are three unconventional ways to boost Facebook engagement. Jim Belosic delivers the goods at Social Media Examiner.

Stephanie Winans guides you through six steps to a small business social media strategy at Social Media Today.


photo thanks to RasMarley

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How to Break Free of Boring Bullet Statements

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses the value of using bullet points in your copy, and how to make them pop off the page.

Check it here:

How to Break Free of Boring Bullet Statements

Bullet statements are great to use in your copy. They help set items apart and provide a simple way to feature text. Likewise, they are easy to read and scan online.

One common temptation is to use bullet statements and simply list out all the features of a product or service. This certainly sets apart each item, but it is … yawn … boring.

Look at these bullet points and tell me if they grab you and make you want to book a room at this hotel:

  • The Portland, OR airport is five minutes away
  • All guest rooms are 400-600 square feet
  • Rooms have a mini-bar, small refrigerator, and coffee maker

My reaction is “so what?”  There are probably a dozen hotels with these identical features. Calling attention to features is a part of good copy, but great copywriting focuses on “what’s in it for the reader?”

Your copy should pull in the reader and make him want to take action. How can you accomplish this?

Lead with a benefit statement!

Instead of listing a specific feature, simply add the benefit to the beginning of the bullet statement to show the reader “what’s in in for him.” Follow up the benefit by listing the specific feature.

Read the revised bullet statements below and see how the bullets pop off the page compared to the previous bullet statements:

  • Wheel out of the terminal and check in within 15 minutes. The Portland, OR airport is five minutes away.
  • You can spread out and relax in style. All guest rooms are 400-600 square feet.
  • Enjoy the comforts of home, away from home. Rooms have a mini-bar, small refrigerator, and coffee maker.

Reminding the reader “what’s in it for him” can be a tremendous help with conversion.

Follow this simple recipe: Lead with a benefit statement. Follow it up with a specific feature. And remember, great copy always answers the question “what’s in it for the reader?”

Thanks for tuning into this week’s SEO copywriting how-to! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or an idea for the next video post, please let me know! Contact me, or find me on Twitter @heatherlloyd!

Are you interested in an SEO Copywriting Certification Program? Check into the only industry-endorsed online training that certifies copywriters in SEO copywriting best practices. Find out more here.

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SEO content marketing roundup, week ending November 28th

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was everything you needed it to be. Did you eat too much pie? Was the stuffing better on Saturday? Are you still taking turkey sandwiches to work? OK, I’ll stop now … I’m drooling on the keyboard.

Here’s a serious question. Have you stepped on the scale? I did … and let out a shriek!

There are a few shrieks below too, from preventing social media catastrophes to making content marketing mistakes to not doing the hard work of opportunity research. There is also plenty to sink your teeth into as you prep your business for 2013.

Get ready for the upcoming holiday season and pay attention to the work of your fellow marketing professionals. Their grand plans are in full swing for the next month!

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? Paul Pruneau gives a primer on the topic at Social Media Today.

How Content Marketing is like a holiday feast. Ashley Zeckman serves it up at TopRank.

Kay Singh warns of 5 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid at Social Media Today.

Content Marketing Strategy … it’s not just for the holidays. Read how to drive an effective strategy all season long at Social Media Today.

Need some proven strategies for your SEO copywriting business?  Heather Lloyd-Martin gives you three savvy and successful video tips at SEO Copywriting.


SEO and Search

Why does data mining make people stop acting like people? Erin Everhart helps you build relationships … Err, I mean links at Search Engine Land.

Eric Fettman does a deep dive into Google Analytics. Strap in as he takes you through the funnel at KISSmetrics.

Measuring is the only surefire way to know about your SEO/social media successes and failures. Jordan Kasteler gives 9 KPIs to Start Tracking Right Now at Search Engine Land.

Take the time to gather intelligence before you enter battle. Lee Odden highlights the importance of opportunity research at TopRank.

Do your blog comments have Search Ranking Value? Find out from Chris Crum at WebProNews.

If you serve B2B clients, Derek Edmond has some great information about improving SEO conversion rates at Search Engine Watch.

What happened to 2012? It’s almost over! Tom Schmitz recaps the year’s important shifts in Google SEO at Search Engine Land.

Social Media Marketing

What will Social Customers demand in 2013? Simon Mainwaring tees up the opportunities ahead at Social Media Today.

How can Social Media Marketing support a product launch? Lee Odden says it’s about Awareness, Insight and Optimization at TopRank.

Would you like to speak at SMX? Matt McGee offers his tips for making a successful pitch at Small Business Search Marketing.

Are you helping to manage a client’s social presence? Matt Foulger talks about preventing Social Media Catastrophes at Social Media Today.

It’s not too early to start those accumulated lists for 2012. Rachel Sprung leads off this year with the Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012 at HubSpot.

The key to remaining competitive in organic search is staying two steps ahead of the search engines. Marc Purtell discusses how using reverse engineering at Search Engine Journal.

Now that there is some distance from the political season, Brett Relander takes a look at 5 lessons political campaigns can teach us at Social Media Today.


photo thanks to BigBeerBelly1

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SEO content marketing roundup, week ending November 21st

What will you be thankful for tomorrow?

I look forward to Thanksgiving each year. It is a day to be mindful of all that is good in my life and to take the time to acknowledge it. Most of you reading this probably live your life online. I certainly do and find it far too easy to get lost in the frenzied pace and “always on” nature of this type of work.

I’ll sit with family on Thursday and share stories of the past year and spend some “offline” time with them. I’ll be thankful for a break in the action. And for having family that I love and enjoy.

Help yourself to a big portion of this week’s marketing roundup and Happy Thanksgiving!

Content Marketing

Where does SEO fit into Content Marketing Strategy? Lee Odden ties them together at TopRank.

Make your content more interesting.  Lou Cimaglia gives you five guiding principles at Social Media Today.

Are you afraid of Powerpoint? Mauro D’Andrea says get over it and plug in to the “Quiet Giant of Content Marketing,” SlideShare, at KISSmetrics.

Do you use guest bloggers for your site? If so, Heather Lloyd-Martin gives you five questions to ask before accepting a guest post at SEO Copywriting.

Tugging at emotions is the key to content marketing success. Martin Jones identifies the six primary emotions at Social Media Today.

Corey Eridon shows how to craft the perfect marketing elevator pitch at HubSpot.

B2B video marketing’s effectiveness is attention grabbing. Alexis Hall tells 10 Best Kept Secrets at TopRank.


SEO and Search

Nathan Safran helps overcome management objections to investing in SEO in three steps at Search Engine Land.

Learn SEO tactics to optimize E-Books and White Papers from Ron Mattocks at Social Media Today.

Jill Whelan lists 18 SEO Killers you must clean up in 2013 at High Rankings Advisor.

Evan Prokop warns against the link building strategy and endorses relationship building as a key way to differentiate your site at TopRank.

From Keywords to Buy words to urinal advertising. Seriously! Jenny Halasz interviews Andrew Goodman and Matt von Wagner at Search Engine Land.

Are your Google results being hijacked? Chris Crum shows how it can happen at WebProNews.

Take out duplication without a single site change. Ben Goodsell shows how at Search Engine Watch.

Matt McGee disputes the assertion that Facebook and Twitter are more important than your website at Small Business Search Marketing.

Afraid of launching your redesigned site after you’ve got your old site optimized? Siddharth Deswal gives a how-to guide at KISSmetrics.

Social Media Marketing

The verdict is in … a picture is worth a thousand Likes. Rebecca Corliss gives you the details at Hubspot.

Brendan Schneider uses IF-THEN logic to create a secret social media weapon at Social Media Today.

SES Chicago was full of great presentations including six steps for successfully building a B2B social media machine. Evan Prokop reports in TopRank.

Federico Einhorn reveals that Social doesn’t help SEO … and that’s OK. Check it out at Search Engine Journal.

Twitter says Twitter exposure drives sales.  Josh Wolford digs into the report at WebProNews.

Facebook data proves social CTAs lead to more Comments, Likes, and Shares. Dan Zarrella shows the goods at HubSpot.

Can you protect your reputation in today’s social media onslaught? Christian Arno shows the way at Social Media Today.


photo thanks to wattpublishing

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Need to Improve Your Conversion Rate? Jump on the Bandwagon!

If you want to increase the success of your website, converting more customers is the name of the game.

In today’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather discusses a simple, but often overlooked, technique to convince visitors they should go the distance and buy what you are selling. Check it here:

What is the Bandwagon Technique?

It’s the suggestion that other people have or do something and … you should too! It appeals to our sense of wanting to be part of the “in crowd.” The technique is based on the term “jumping on the bandwagon.”

Examples of this include: McDonald’s – Over 60 billion served … wow, that’s a lot of people. There must be something about McDonald’s … so maybe I should give it a try. Pepsi – The ad uses a model who is young, attractive and happy … I want to be young, attractive and happy … so I should drink Pepsi too.

Why uniqueness matters.

The primary reason sites fail to leverage the bandwagon technique properly is that the copy is written in an effort to appeal to EVERYONE. When that happens, the copy clunks and doesn’t have much conversion power. For the bandwagon approach to work effectively, people want to feel special and unique.

Does your copy fall into this category? Does your copy use words like “everyone” and “everybody?” If so, it’s likely your copy is missing the mark. The good news is there is an easy way to fix it!

  • Use numbers – if you know 20,000 people in your target market use your product … say it!
  • Has your company won an award or received special recognition? If so, third party acknowledgement of your company gives serious credibility to the notion that “others are doing/using this … maybe I should check it out too.”

By modifying your copy to appeal to your target market, you will make more effective use of the bandwagon technique and convert more of your visitors.

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photo thanks to srqpix (Clyde Robinson)