The lazy person’s guide to writing great copy – fast!

Would you rather be hiking a wooded trail rather than writing your latest blog post?
Or taking a quick catnap on the couch?
Or catching up with friends?
You can. You just need to learn how to write content the lazy way.
“Lazy” doesn’t mean that you write poor-quality content. Or you don’t write at all. It means training your writing brain to write top-notch content, faster.
Writing more efficiently has some pretty cool benefits. If you freelance, this means more money in your pocket. [...]


SEO and content writing tips: Week ending April 15, 2014

Sooo … what’s up with Google!?
You’re about to find out in the following posts.
When Google’s not generating guest blogging and keyword confusion, it can teach us a thing or three about copywriting – as Heather shares in her “content writing tips” post.
Enjoy this week’s tips … uh … all bazillion of them.
Sorry, I gotta warn ya now, I went a liiiiiittle content crazy this week, folks.
I’ll try to reign it in a bit next week.
Search engine news
Ginny Marvin writes Official: [...]

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Reconciling Two Vastly Different Content Trends: Mobile and Long Form

If you’ve been paying attention this year, you’ve noticed two distinct trends in content: content made for mobile devices, and long-form, deep-diving content made for quality. If your content is image- or video-heavy, you have a bit of a leg up, though you still need text to bolster it.
For most people, content is first based on the written word, however (blogs, white papers, ebooks). If you are a busy small business owner or a freelancer, how do you find ways [...]


Who cares about Passover? Holiday marketing examined

At sundown tonight, Pesach, known in English as Passover, will begin. According to Judaism 101, Passover “is one of the most commonly observed Jewish holidays, even by otherwise non-observant Jews” with 67% of Jews routinely attending a Passover seder, while only 46% belong to a synagogue.
Easter is more than a week away (celebrated April 20th this year) and you have most likely noticed Easter advertisements everywhere.
Looking at the numbers
In San Diego County, there are around 3 million people, with a [...]


3 things Google can teach you about copywriting

What does Google have in common with the late Billy Mays?
Both are known for being extremely persuasive.
Google is a master at manipulating our emotions and changing our behavior. Think about it: How many of you use Google products because it’s easier, cheaper and – in the case of Google Glass – provides some awesome geek cred?
Yup. I thought so. And part of that reason is how Google markets their services.
Here are some copywriting lessons you can learn from Google – and [...]