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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Copywriting Clients Deliriously Happy

We’ve all been there …
You speak to a new client. You’re excited to work with them. You’ve signed an agreement. Yay! This is going to be fun.
But when you start writing their web copy, you begin to feel a little insecure.
Is your copy good enough? Do you really understand their business well enough?
Writing for a variety of clients is great.
You get to know different people and different businesses.
But it can be challenging, too.
How can you learn enough about each business [...]

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SEO Copywriting Top 10: July 23 to 29, 2014

Leave all of the above writer cliches behind – oh, except for that “successful” one (which isn’t a writer cliche at all anyway) – and live your dream of becoming a full-time writer. Carlos Cooper shares how he did it – and how you can, too!
Lying awake at night distraught over your glaringly blank editorial calendar? Heidi Cohen’s content curation tips will help you quickly fill it up!
For you search geeks – aka you … and me – Bill Slawski gets all [...]


New to SEO writing? 5 Essential Things You Need to Know

Are you new to SEO writing and wondering if it’s right for you?
You may fear that SEO writing is too technical. Or it’s too unnatural to write “how Google wants.”
Relax. SEO writing is much easier than you think.
If you’re looking to build a new skill set, here are the essential things you need to know.
- You need to be a good writer. Period.  
Can you tell a compelling story? Can you keep readers on the edge of their seats, salivating for [...]

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SEO Copywriting Top 10: July 16 to 22, 2014

You freelance SEO copywriters won’t want to miss this one!
In this week’s SEO Copywriting Top 10, there’s a guide to optimizing client websites, 140 websites that pay writers – and hot USP strategies!
You’ll also want to keep up with Google by reading the latest on author rank and how Hummingbird has impacted search so far.
Got an unfamiliar niche? Check out #8 for a content strategy that’s perfect for you!
There’s more copywriting greatness in there for ya, too, so enjoy!
1. Kristi Kellogg writes Google [...]

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Creating Blockbuster Content: 7 Essential Tips for SEOs

More content no longer means more success in SEO. It just means too much content.
When it comes to content creation, we’re seeing a shift in quantity to real quality. The launch of Google’s original Panda algorithm, which targeted thin content, started this big focus shift, which continues to this day.
At SMX Advanced, Brent Csutoras, Social Media Strategist & Owner at Kairay Media, shared seven essential tips on how to create blockbuster content today. Here’s a recap.
1. Goals Define Your Definition [...]