5 Ways to Capture Attention with Your Blog Content

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s energies are scattered – including your readers’. Keeping them involved in your business blog and coming back for more can be a challenge any time of year, but you face a special set of circumstances when it comes to the holiday season. Attention spans are at an all-time low – but your blog still needs traffic and you still need to create content that speaks to your audience.
In addition, your blog content […]

Woot! Are you having fun with your copy?

Have you ever visited Woot!?
You may think that it’s just another online bargain website. Technically, that is true. But, even if you don’t want to find a limited-time offer on some random item or find an awesome shirt, as a copywriter, you need to check out this website.
Why? Because Woot! doesn’t just sell merchandise – it sells stories.
Get the specs and more
When you check out a featured item on Woot!, you will be able to find the basic information you […]

Leveraging content relationships & social proof for conversion rate optimization

Though content marketing has only recently reached buzzword status within the search industry, guest posting has been a popular method of promoting products and services online for a long time.
It’s often cited as a great link building technique and when done well, can help your website in more ways than just search.
Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) has long been a technical art within digital marketing, but there are also a few ways in which you can utilise guest blogging and the […]

5 tips to guarantee your guest blogging pitch doesn’t suck

I see a lot of guest blogging pitches. Most of them are simply ignored because most of them are really, really bad – sometimes they’re so bad they make my brain hurt.
But every once in a while, someone manages to make their pitch stand out from the cesspool that guest blogging has seemingly become. What’s their secret? They get “it”.
What is “it”, and how do you get “it” if you don’t already have “it”? Let’s find out by looking at […]

Blogging: 4 experts share their favorite tips & strategies

Last month we shared a collection of our all-time favorite posts that focused on content: creation, marketing, quality and strategy.
Following up on that thread and twisting it a tad, today we feature four reader favorites about blogging by experts who shared their favorite tips and strategies with us!
Learn: how to land a guest post gig, what to watch for when writing and publishing your blog, how to write a quality post in a time crunch, and the content marketing mojo […]

The Veg-O-Matic approach to SEO copy development

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak at SMX West. I was originally going to chat about how content strategies have changed over the last year. Then, Chris Sherman (one of the conference organizers) said, “I really like your Tweets and how your firm repurposes content. Can you talk about that?”
Sure thing!
My slides were based on this 2011 blog post. When I originally wrote this, Google+ wasn’t even on the radar. Now, it’s yet another platform that marketers have […]

3 proven strategies for the challenged SEO copywriter

Has your writing muse abandoned you? Fear not – it happens.
In these three “best of” SEO copywriting video how-to’s, Heather shares her favorite writing tips to awaken your mind and kick-starting what it is you do best: brilliant SEO copywriting!
Take courage and avail yourself to Heather’s savvy & successful SEO copywriting tips with these three video shorts:
3 SEO content ideas for the blogging blocked
Heather discusses three SEO content ideas for those of you who may be “blogging blocked.”
If you’ve been […]

3 SEO content ideas for the blogging blocked

Greetings and welcome back! Today Heather discusses three SEO content ideas for those of you who may be “blogging blocked.”
If you’ve been blogging awhile, eventually you’ll probably hit the point where you’re not sure what to write about anymore. It can be very frustrating to sit there, looking at a blank page, thinking, I need to come up with a post, what am I going to do?
So here are some ideas for those folks who may be stuck because they’ve […]

How to land a quality guest post gig – 9 tips from an editor

As the blog editor for SEO Copywriting, I receive a lot of guest post queries – many with complete submissions.
Every so often, a relatively “unknown” freelance writer gets it right – but these instances are sadly few and far between. All too often, it’s a thinly-veiled attempt to market his or her stuff couched in a poorly-written, badly-conceived, keyword-stuffed piece of caca I wouldn’t unleash upon anyone – much less our loyal blog readers!
So both inspired and irked, I have […]

8 tips for writing content that sticks

The web is filled with mushrooming content, with no real score of what is worth our time to read. What most people do is scan and skim through pages of articles with fast mouse-clicks, only to actually spend time to read cornerstone content. In this article, we will talk about eight tips to writing cornerstone content. But before anything else, let’s define what it is.
What is Cornerstone Content?
Cornerstone content is one that is composed with powerful data, outstanding facts, creative out-of-the-box opinions, […]