5 things that make me stop reading a blog post

I have been a blogger and a net reader for a long time. I am not always the most focused reader because I have clients, multiple email accounts, Twitter, Facebook and my work at SEJ (Search Engine Journal) that I maintain all day. When I read an article I need something that keeps my brain interested and stimulated from the beginning. As the managing editor of SEJ I have to keep up with the SEO world and also read incoming […]

Beyond SEO: The content marketing power of the blog

In my opinion, your company blog is the second most valuable piece of online real estate your company has, next to the company website of course.
Blogs and other content marketing platforms are essential for long term SEO success. The saying “content is King” has been around for a long time simply because it’s true. Great content gets shared and linked to, which makes it more valuable in the eyes of the search engines, which in turn helps your site perform […]

A 3-part pocketbook guide to business blogging

Greetings! Today we’re featuring Heather’s highly popular “how-to” business blogging video posts, as well as a third written post that asks “are you too busy to blog?” Good question, no?
No matter the size of your business, from enterprise to soloprenuer, a business blog is a fundamental part of any smart content marketing strategy in this highly competitive world of savvy, informed and content-hungry consumers.
Starting a business blog is much like having a baby. Since many of us are not familiar […]

3 (more) business blogging tips for beginners

Greetings! As you might have guessed, today’s how-to video builds on last week’s “3 business blogging tips for beginners.”
While thinking about that post, Heather realized that there were definitely more than just those three blogging tips to share, and so she created three more to do with the realities of time management and scheduling, as well as the question of sales vs. blog writing.
So if you are one of those folks who resolved to do more blogging for their business […]

3 business blogging tips for beginners

Welcome back! Today’s video offers three actionable business blogging tips for beginners, as well as for those of you who may be a bit “rusty.”’
Heather thought business blogging would be a timely topic, as many business owners resolved to either start blogging or do more of it this New Year. They’ve seen the stat’s showing how blogging can increase leads, boost conversions, and drive more traffic to their site – and they want a piece of that!
And while that’s a […]

Ann Smarty shares 8 steps to landing guest posts

Ah, guest posting. While blogs were once a fringe activity similar to writing a journal, they now represent a great bulk of much of the average freelance writer’s work. If you own a blog yourself you have probably written guest posts before, or written them for someone else. If you are a writer you will probably regularly look for chances to expand your visibility by searching out chances to get involved with various high-profile sites.
But if your application process is specifically aimed […]

Blogger’s block? Time crunch? 5 easy ways to reuse your blog posts

Crunched for time? Uninspired? Suffering blogger’s block?
Or maybe you just need to take a break already, maybe even – dare you say it – a vacation?
You’re not alone, by any means.  A lot of bloggers struggle with the occupational hazard of being chained to creating exceptional content on a regular basis – even if their muse, time, and sanity are suffering. So in today’s video blog, Heather shares five easy – note, easy – ways you can reuse your hard-labored, […]

Are you a bad guest blogger?

Who doesn’t love guest blogging? You get to write about what you love. You can reach brand-spankin’ new readers. The exposure can’t be beat. Not to mention, being asked to guest blog is an incredible honor. Someone is telling you, “I love your stuff so much that I want to share it with my readers.” What a huge compliment!
But you know how some folks take a compliment and throw it back in your face? There are some “bad bloggers” […]

How to turn your creativity up to 11

I’m often asked, “Heather, how do you write so much content without burning out?”
Um, good question. I could talk about how I’ve spent almost half of my life studying copywriting (ack, that’s scary to type.) Or how I force myself to write online copy, even when I don’t feel like writing. Or how I’m just plain stubborn.
But what’s the real secret of my success?
I force myself to take breaks – long, soul-renewing breaks – and let my creative juices do […]

Are you writing dead end conversion pages?

I’m one of those people who have a…challenged…sense of direction. (Case in point: My husband’s latest gift to me was a GPS.) It’s actually amazing how I can head towards my location, sure that I know where I’m going…
…and somehow end up at a dead end.
And what do you do at a dead end? You turn yourself around and get the heck out of there.
I was thinking today about all the websites that have “dead end” copy that doesn’t go […]