5 steps to great content for readers and search engines

One thing that has become evident in the post-Google Panda world is that if you want to ensure that your site doesn’t lose rankings, you will need great content!
Not simply search engine optimized content, but content that both search engines AND visitors will enjoy alike.
Everyone’s content development process is a little different.  Today I’d like to share mine with you, particularly when it comes to writing.
1.  Figure out your target keywords
Sure, most people know a few keywords that […]

Should you kill your blog?

I know this will sound weird coming from the SEO content chick. But I’m going to say it anyway.
Some companies should give up on blog writing and kill their blog.
Here’s why.
SEO content marketers (myself included) agree that blogging for B2B and B2C companies is a smart SEO and customer engagement move.  Blogs are great for marketing and lead generation. Google and Bing reward strong resource sites. Sounds like a win/win – right?
Well, not always.
We’re pushing the blog, blog, blog mantra […]

Are you asking the wrong question first?

I cringe every time I hear this question before anything else is discussed. Maybe you do too.
“How will (insert SEO copy idea here – usually a bad one) help with the search engines?”
On the surface, it doesn’t seem like such a bad first question to ask. After all, “SEO copywriting” stands for “search engine optimization copywriting.” Good writing = higher rankings has been a common mantra since the beginning of SEO time. It makes sense that folks would be considering […]

SEO copywriting vs. social media writing: What’s the difference?

It’s not often that something leaves me speechless.
I was chatting with someone who said, “SEO copywriting is so 10 years ago. Now it’s all about social media writing.”
Uh, what?
That’s when I realized that some people believe that SEO copywriting and social media writing are two different skill sets.
Back in the day (around 2001,) “SEO copywriting” was more commonly referred to as “writing for search engines.” It encompassed any keyword-based online writing, including directory listings (I remember when getting a Yahoo […]

Can sexy linkbait blog titles backfire?

Let’s face it: Sexy blog titles get clicks.
But is there a time when a blog title’s sexy tease makes us feel a little…misled…when the post doesn’t come through on it’s promise? Perhaps.
This came to mind after reading a really great article with a sexy linkbait title. The article was called, ““Warning! SEO Copy Bubble Bursting” from the Content Marketing Institute.
To give the headline its due – hey, it got me to click. The headline did its job. But then […]

3 ways SEO can ruin content

Last December, Lee Odden from Online Marketing Blog wrote a post called,“Content Strategy and the Dirty Lie About SEO.” At the end of the post, he posed the question – the question that’s been debated ever since “writing for search engines” has existed:
Do you think SEO ruins content?
I had to think about that, as my first reaction is not just “No” but “Hell no – SEO doesn’t ruin the content.”‘
But the more that I thought about it, the more I […]

Blog about it! A smart content marketing strategy

Greetings!  Today we’re picking up our discussion of content strategy, specifically, how to develop and leverage our content by writing blogs.  As you’ve surely noticed, blogging is big and is only getting bigger, and with good reason:  besides helping to build search rankings and an online brand, blogs present a fantastic content marketing venue!  And because they’re relatively simple to set up and publish, blogs lend themselves well to providing new content on a regular basis.
As covered in some detail […]

Are you too busy to blog?

There’s an interesting blogging conversation in the LinkedIn SEO Copywriting group. One woman said that she creates a monthly newsletter (which she posts to the site) instead of blogging. In her words, “I don’t have a separate blog; I’ve got enough to do.”
Tell an online marketer that you don’t blog and you’re liable to get a shocked response. “You don’t blog? Um, why not?” Blogging – what was once just a geek-chic thing to do – is now a major […]

SEO content marketing roundup, week ending July 28th

Yes, dear readers, it’s time to get current with the latest and greatest of SEO copywriting and content marketing news!  This post is dedicated to our SEO Copywriting & Content Marketing Queen, Inside Informant, and Generous Educator, Heather Lloyd-Martin. (I can get away with this, because she’s out of town this week!)  Heather will be both presenting and speaking at the SES (Search Engine Strategies) San Francisco Conference-Expo, on Tuesday, August 17th.  Details follow:
As part of ClickZ’s Connected Marketing […]

Content Therapy: Here’s Looking at You, Site!

As promised, today we’re going to undertake an honest inventory of our content. This will be a somewhat brutal — but ultimately enlightening and worthwhile — evaluation of our web content.  In what Heather has likened to therapy, a “SWOT” analysis systematically examines our relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Ready?
As underscored in the previous Mondays’ posts, researching your competition and tracking social trends, you are not the only wonder in web town!  (I know: Surprise!) So to refine and […]