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It’s officially the Christmas (or winter holiday of your choice) shopping season! (Yes, I am aware that the Christmas sales started months ago, but I am old fashioned, and I am holding onto the notion that Black Friday is the kickoff of the holiday shopping season.)
So what are you doing to get your customers to not only buy from you, but buy now?
Take a lesson from coffee and beer
What does coffee and beer have to do with holiday selling? Let […]

Woot! Are you having fun with your copy?

Have you ever visited Woot!?
You may think that it’s just another online bargain website. Technically, that is true. But, even if you don’t want to find a limited-time offer on some random item or find an awesome shirt, as a copywriter, you need to check out this website.
Why? Because Woot! doesn’t just sell merchandise – it sells stories.
Get the specs and more
When you check out a featured item on Woot!, you will be able to find the basic information you […]

This is the best post ever!

Recently, a member of the SEO Copywriting LinkedIn group started an interesting discussion. He asked what group members thought about the overuse of words like “perfect,” when “fine” or “okay” would suffice.
He questioned the surge in hyperbolic speech and wondered if certain words were losing their meaning.
This got me thinking – first, about exaggeration, then about the changing definitions of words (don’t get me started on the new definition of “literally”), then about sales people.
Did I lose you with that […]

SEO Copywriting Checklist: Are your product descriptions costing you customers?

Welcome to another video in the SEO Copywriting Checklist series!
Today’s video is addressed to those of you in e-Commerce retail, and asks: are your product descriptions costing you customers?
Tune in as Heather shows what works, and what does not, in well-optimized product copy:

YAWN…There’s Nothing Here That Screams “Buy Me!”
Well-written product descriptions are a blind spot for a lot of e-retailers, as evidenced by this first screenshot: you have the picture, and then a very, very short description of the product.
As […]

The Veg-O-Matic approach to SEO copy development

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak at SMX West. I was originally going to chat about how content strategies have changed over the last year. Then, Chris Sherman (one of the conference organizers) said, “I really like your Tweets and how your firm repurposes content. Can you talk about that?”
Sure thing!
My slides were based on this 2011 blog post. When I originally wrote this, Google+ wasn’t even on the radar. Now, it’s yet another platform that marketers have […]

Rock conversions with these proven & powerful copywriting strategies!

Welcome back! Today we’re featuring another collection of SEO Copywriting’s video how-to’s, all to do with specific techniques you can readily use in your Web writing to boost conversions.
After all, at the end of the day it is how well your Web content converts that counts! Ever mindful of just that, Heather devoted a series of her YouTube SEO copywriting tutorials to those strategies that make your prospects say Yes!
Edify, enjoy, and prosper!
1. Boost your conversions with “power words”
Heather takes it […]

How to write sales copy that turns your readers on

Greetings! Ready to get your brain influence on?
Inspired by neuromarketing expert Roger Dooley’s SEO Copywriting Certification presentation of last week, today Heather gets into how to write sales copy that turns your readers on…meaning, your readers’ brains.
If you write sales copy or landing page content, or if you work with copywriters, then you’ll definitely want to tune in and learn how to write sales copy that turns on your prospects’ brains and sparks conversions…

I’m talking about BRAINS…
For last week’s SEO […]

More ways that spam can teach you about copywriting

Last week, I picked apart a spammy “SEO service” email and discussed why it was actually effective.
See, the tricky thing about spam is that it works. Sure, maybe not on a more educated buyer…but not all buyers are that educated. Instead, they’re going on pure emotion – and it’s that emotion that gets them to respond.
And that’s exactly what these companies want.
See, good spam emails get results because they follow the copywriting basics to the letter. The email is written […]

The conversion dilemma: AIDA in the internet age

 A marketer’s job is to reduce, and hopefully remove, any and all barriers to THE SALE.
The conversion drives everything we do.  Social standing, likability, awareness, fairness, law, order, kittens*, etc . –we care about these things because they potentially impact SALES.  Dollars.  Greenbacks.  Dead Presidents.  Moolah.
And while the AIDA (Attention-Interest-Decision-Action) model is about as new as spats and talkies, the cyber-sales era presents unique issues.
Never before have more sensory cues battled for attention, more products and services vied for interest […]

So how well does your copywriting convert?

Greetings! In today’s SEO copywriting video, Heather discusses how watching informercials can help you be a better copywriter, and greatly improve your conversions.
Specifically, Heather demonstrates how informercials can inform your writing with structure, clear calls to action, and benefit statements that scream value to the prospect.
Heather admits that she’s actually addicted to informercials because of what they show you about the process of building excitement and getting people really pumped about buying a product, and showing that product’s value so […]