How to write killer sales copy: a video guide

Greetings! Today we’re featuring our top three SEO copywriting video posts on how to write killer sales copy.
Writing sales copy can be difficult! The art of persuasive writing does not always come naturally or easily to copywriters, especially if they are not trained in direct response theory and best practices. Good sales copy does not need to be heavy handed – the key is to have it flow naturally, while providing a clear call to action to inspire conversions.
Tune in […]

How to write high-ranking copy for your one-page site

Welcome back! In this week’s Web-writing video tip, Heather addresses a question that she’s been asked repeatedly in the past week: “How can I write high-ranking copy for my one-page site?”
You may be wondering why you would even want a one-page site, thinking “wouldn’t I just want to build out more content to the site?” And in most cases, yes, you would. But some companies decide on a one-page site for various, specific reasons, which Heather explains.
Of course, the biggest […]

3 ways to transform your sucky sales copy into conversions-driving gold

Welcome back! In this week’s SEO copywriting how-to, Heather builds on her video of last week: How to tell if your sales copy sucks.
Realizing there are several more ways to tell that your sales copy sucks, here Heather addresses three more characteristics that mark bad sales copy – and then shares on how to go about fixing them so that your sales content pops off the page.
Tune in to learn how refining your website’s tone and feel, sharing specific benefits with your readers, […]

How to tell if your sales copy sucks

Greetings! In today’s Web-writing video, Heather discusses how to check your sales copy to detect common and costly mistakes – those she has witnessed time and again in her long SEO copywriting career.
It’s true, writing sales copy is really difficult if you’ve never done it before. There are several ways you can inadvertently go wrong, and many DIY folks don’t know how to go about checking their sales copy to see if they’ve done it right.
So without your knowledge, much […]

How to translate testimonials into killer sales copy

Welcome back! In this week’s Web-writing video how-to, Heather discusses how customer testimonials can help you write better sales pages.
For many of us, writing a sales page can be challenging. You may be a really great blogger, able to write about anything, or you may be a small business owner wanting to write your own sales copy for your website…in any case, if you’ve never written persuasive copy before, it can prove to be very difficult.
Fortunately, there is a rich […]

Make more money with this smart pricing strategy

Welcome back!  In today’s SEO Copywriting video, Heather shares an “old school” copywriting tip on how to make more money simply by re-structuring your price list.
If you have a price list on your website, or if you’re a small business owner and produce a printed price list for your clients, then you’ll find this pricing strategy how-to especially useful. And it’s a fun tip, besides!

How many times have you seen a page like this?
The first screen shot is of a […]

How to use “free” to boost conversions

Welcome back! Today, Heather elaborates on her power words video blog series, focusing on the word “free.” (Bet your eyes just snapped on the word already!)  Like the word “you,” “free” is a very powerful power word and yet one that many copywriters fail to use correctly.
If you’re just catching up, in the last couple of weeks Heather’s been talking about “power words” – those conversions-driving words that have been tried and tested by the copywriting community since pre-internet time. […]

Are you harnessing the power of “you”?

Greetings Web Writers, and welcome to Heather’s latest SEO copywriting video how-to! Today, Heather expands on last week’s “power words” vlog with harnessing the power of that magical customer-centric word: “you.”
You. Such a seemingly simple word packs an incredible punch, as it centers your web copy around them. Coupled with customer-oriented web content, using “you” in your copy is a proven strategy for engaging the prospect and improving conversions.
Tune in to this Monday’s video and find out how to make […]

Boost your conversions with “power words”

Good day! Today we’re taking it back to “old school” copywriting, as Heather addresses how to boost your conversions with “power words.”  Back in the day – before SEO copywriting, even before Web writing – copywriters focused on adding “power words” to their content, such as their direct sales letters, to improve conversions. It’s a tried and true strategy that’s been used by copywriters for many, many years.
Tune in as Heather explains what power words are, how they work, and […]

Want better conversions? Get specific with your benefit statements

Welcome back! This Monday’s SEO copywriting how-to video post is about how specifics in your online writing help you sell more. Heather developed this piece in response to a reader question about how to increase the effectiveness of their web copy. In looking through the reader’s web content, Heather realized that one of the opportunities the copywriter could leverage was to make their marketing copy more specific.
While the general reader benefit statements were powerful, honing them to highly tangible and specific “what’s-in-it-for-me” language is what […]