AJ Kohn talks Hummingbird, social, authority, writing and MUCH more!

You do a bazillion things! You’re a husband and father, owner of digital marketing firm Blind Five Year Old, digital marketing correspondent for Search Engine Land and advisor to video-conferencing service Vidtel. How do you manage your time to fit everything in and still do an awesome job?
Well some of those things I don’t do anymore because time management does become a huge issue. At the end of the day I try to prioritize what’s important to me and strive [...]

Baby, it’s cold outside … or is it?

The other day, my iHeartRadio app alerted me that it just added a playlist that was “perfect for staying warm on a snow day.”
That’s great, except I live in San Diego and it reached 80 degrees that day.
I know that I am in the minority when it comes to weather in the country. (I’m also sure that many of you are probably cursing me right now.) However, this situation got me thinking about tailoring your message.
Yes, it makes sense to [...]

What Girls can teach you about your soul-crushing corporate job

Do you feel stuck in your corporate job?
Yes, you’re happy to even have a job. Your paycheck arrives like clockwork. You have benefits. Heck, you may even have a creative job like marketing communications, design or SEO writing.
Yet, you feel like your corporate job is sucking away at your soul.
You dream of casting off the chains, hanging out your freelance writing shingle and being your own boss. Picking your own clients. Writing about what you feel passionate about – not [...]

SEO and content writing tips: Week ending Feb. 11, 2014

Long-form blog posts, some of us may remember these as “regular articles,” versus short blog posts. Which is better? When do you write longer posts? When do you write shorter posts?
Short blog posts used to be all the rage. Everyone who was anyone was telling you to write short posts. Beware the dreaded TL;DR!! (Who actually says that anyway? Sorry if you do – but you probably don’t.)
Anyway, there are other great tips in here, but a bunch of the [...]

Write for Humans and Robots for Best Search Results

I’m not an SEO expert. I don’t even play one on TV.
But I am a communications expert and, as part of my job, I’ve been writing my entire career.
In 2008, when social media began to take a hold, many of us had to quickly figure out how to use content to build our brands.
And, as part of that brand-building exercise, came learning how to write for both readers and robots.
In fact, I didn’t realize there was an entire technical side [...]

The trick to web writing: White it out

When you sit down to write a web page, what’s your M.O.?
Do you just sit down and write? If you do, you may find yourself getting off topic or stuck trying to get all of the elements on the page to flow.
All I have to say is, “White it out.”
Add a visual, don’t take it away
By “white it out,” I am not referring to the product Wite-Out (or whatever version you use). No, I don’t want you to erase something; [...]

SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week ending Feb. 3, 2014.

This week on the SEO Copywriting blog, you learned how to land great clients by making a date with your content – then mixed in a little technical SEO – to craft unbeatable copy!
But you’re not done optimizing yourself!
You’ve read what you can do to improve your writing – and there’s more to follow – but there are a bunch of posts here that tell you what NOT to do. Eliminate bad writing habits, how-not-to’s (I don’t even know what [...]

Some Essential HTML Code that all Bloggers Should Know

I know a lot of SEOs that say that it’s impossible to effectively practice SEO without a working knowledge of HTML. While it may be very subjective to determine how much coding ability constitutes a “working knowledge,” I think it’s valid to say that there are certain aspects of HTML code that any SEO or digital marketer should be able to implement properly. I’d extend that to copywriters, as well.
With the advent of WordPress, having your own website, without paying [...]

Make a date with your content

These days, distractions are everywhere. One of the biggest culprits is your smartphone. Texts, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, games, YouTube, news updates, and numerous apps all distract you throughout the day.
It seems that these things have become more than a distraction. You may feel as though you are missing out on something if you are not constantly checking your updates.
However, if you are constantly looking at your phone, what you may be missing is life.
Phone-free date night
A couple [...]

Freelance writers: Here’s your secret to landing great clients

Want to know the secret to closing more deals and landing more clients?
It’s all in your pitch.
What do you say when you talk to prospects (or chat with them on the phone?)
Do you say something like, “I’m a freelance writer with over four years experience. I write B2B copy and I specialize in web pages and blog posts.”?
Or do you say, “I transform existing B2B content into top-positioned and high-converting copy. My clients typically see a 25-60% increase in leads [...]