How Changing Your Mindset Can Dramatically Improve Your Product Descriptions

While the eCommerce industry continues to evolve and expand, one of its elements remains stuck in the past – product descriptions. As advances in online shopping continue to connect consumers and products in more meaningful ways, very little is changing in the way copy is presented around those products.
That isn’t to say all brands are missing the mark. Some sites, like Firebox, are taking risks with their product descriptions (and products!) and using their copy as a chance to connect [...]

What’s in it for me?

As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of 1980s pop culture. One of my favorite teen angst movies from the 80s is The Breakfast Club. However, I don’t want to talk about any of the main characters or pivotal scenes.
No, I want to talk about a few lines muttered by Carl, the janitor.
In one scene, Carl catches Richard Vernon (the school administrator) snooping through the personal files of the other teachers. Vernon wants Carl to not mention it [...]

SEO and content writing tips: Week ending April 1, 2014

Yes, we’re mostly writers, but we’re also business owners and marketing managers who do a ton of other stuff, so most of this week’s posts are in the general “content marketing tips” section.
Like what, you ask?
Well, you’ll discover how to create social sales funnels, how to get more positive reviews, a definitive guide to live tweeting, content management strategy essentials, how to build personas – and even why you should thank your competitors. Yes, THANK your competitors! OMG, go read [...]

How to Be a Better Blogger Through Content Planning

Here’s the thing about blogging. It’s awesome for the first two months.
After two months, whoever is managing your blog often hits a wall. They struggle to come up with fresh ideas and suddenly, even the idea of writing a blog post feels like a cactus prickle in your sock – obvious and annoying.
It’s the classic case of what I like to call “blog-o-phobia,” the tormented state of mind affiliated with a stagnant blog. Beware. Chronic blog-o-phobia may result in:

Leaving “Write [...]

Many writers, one voice – it IS possible

Your in-house marketing team may consist of several copywriters … or at least numerous team members who contribute content.
Your website may include:

Product pages written by your creative team
How-to pages written by your tech team
About pages written by upper management
Blog posts written by members of various departments

So how can you ensure your content marketing has a consistent voice?
Share who you are writing for
Your customers want you to tell them, “What’s in it for me?”
But how do you highlight what they need [...]

SEO and content writing tips: Week ending March 25, 2014

The SEO world is abuzz about the Matt Cutts versus MyBlogGuest Google penalty drama. Get the low-down on the he-said-she-said, as well as what this means for guest blogging, in the “search engine news” section. (In case you need it, here’s that Whack-a-Cutts game again.)
Aaannnd speaking of Google, there’s more information this week about Google authorship, author rank and Google+, as well as a ton of other awesome content topics and tips!
Enjoy and have a great week, everyone!
Search engine news
Aaron [...]

3 Ways Marketers Can Build Trust With Content

Content marketing serves many purposes. It helps companies attract the right audience, drive lead generation efforts, enable sales teams, and fuel outbound channels such as email, social media and syndication.
But just because an organization might invest in content marketing, it doesn’t always mean they know how to develop the right content. In fact, while 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, only 32% say they are effective at it.
So, what are some steps marketers can take to ensure their content is valuable, builds [...]

3 tips for a high-converting in-house copywriting strategy

Your in-house copywriting best practices were probably well thought out when they were created, but are they still up to date?
Sometimes, in-house writing teams can fall into the trap of the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset. But what happens when Google makes another algorithm update and your best practices are no longer as effective – or even worse, are now frowned upon by the search giant.
Standards are good, but don’t get stuck.
While you don’t want to jump [...]

How to get prospects to say yes faster

We’ve all been there.
You had a great phone call with your prospect.  You laughed. You bonded. You explored ways to work together. At the end of the call, the prospect said, “This sounds good. Can you shoot me a proposal outlining what we talked about?”
You hang up the phone, write up a fantastic proposal and email it over. Then … nothing.
No email.
No phone call.
No contract.
It’s like your proposal has fallen into a black hole.
You may hear from your prospect in [...]

SEO and content writing tips: Week ending March 18, 2014

We’ve got a bunch of SEO info for ya this week, so I broke out a new “search engine news” section for ya – right there at the top.
Google seems to be backtracking on some of it’s changes. The high volume of Panda penalties has caused Google to soften the algorithm – and another Panda pare-down is coming.
The search engine also seeks a solution to the “not provided” conundrum.
There’s also a lot of help for freelancers this week that touch [...]