SEO Copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week of Jan. 28, 2014

At first, we shared each other’s social posts.
Then we had a conversation.
Before long, we were writing guest posts for each other.
We became friends by helping each other out online.
Does this sound familiar? Welcome to relationship marketing!
This week’s roundup is chock full of posts about guest blogging, relationship marketing and the importance of social media in content marketing campaigns.
Read on and get social!
Content Marketing Institute’s Mike Murray writes 4 Online Content Creation Best Practices for Success in 2014.
IMedia Connection’s Bob Robinson writes How to run [...]

Attention: You’re Now a Storyteller – Get Used to It

My oldest daughter is about to turn nine (or may have already if you’re reading this after January). I have a hard time reconciling the spectacled, Minecraft-obsessed girl whose head reaches my collar bone with the 21-inch baby I delivered in a tub so many years ago. She is so different in so many ways – which is completely understandable. But there are a few things that are still the same. She still has trouble going to sleep. She still [...]

Take your content marketing to the Super Bowl

If you follow the NFL, you know that the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl. And, you most likely know who is not in the Super Bowl: the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots.
For this post, I want to focus on the Broncos and the Patriots; the two teams who played each other for the AFC Championship and the chance to go to the Super Bowl.
New England was playing without one of their [...]

SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week ending Jan. 21, 2014

Search is always changing – as you can see to the right, there – but right now it’s changing quickly and drastically.
A lot of the posts in this week’s roundup discuss the rapid evolution of search: topics vs. keywords, links, authorship, searcher intent and more.
And by more, I mean: Matt Cutts Declares Guest Blogging ‘Done’ … Are We All Screwed? (Thanks for that little panic attack, Jerod Morris of Copyblogger!)
Content Marketing Institute’s Allen Narcisse writes Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: [...]

SEO advice from Barry Schwartz, Bill Slawski and Ian Lurie

We’ve had some incredible guest authors over the past few months and, in case you’ve missed ‘em, here are a few of the top guest posts.
SEO copywriting advice from search guru Barry Schwartz
Search guru Barry Schwartz makes time in his super-structured schedule to answer our SEO copywriting, Google algorithm, business ownership and time management questions.
How Google Attempts to Understand What a Query or Page is About Based Upon Word Relationships
Bill Slawski shares how Google understands the relationship among words in [...]

Lay off on the butter … and the keywords

Chances are you have seen (and possibly used) spray butter. You know, the “butter” (and I use the term lightly) that is in liquid form, allowing you to spritz your food. This gives you the butter taste without the calories.
When I have used it, I may give it an extra spray or two, but for the most part, I use it as instructed. That doesn’t mean everyone does.
At dinner one night, I watched a family member (whom shall remain nameless) [...]

SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week of Jan. 14, 2014

Is Google killing your authority?!
OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic.
Google’s changing the way authorship markup appears in search results, which, naturally, caused quite a stir around the Web this week.
You’ll find a few posts on Google authorship and authority, along with the usual awesomeness from our beloved Internet marketing experts.
What are your questions or conclusions about Google’s authorship changes? Share in the comments below!
Meanwhile, read on and enjoy!
TopRank’s Nick Ehrenberg tells us How to Build Your Brand’s Voice Through Blogging #NMX.
Content [...]

Schema Markup for Reviews

Copy that is submitted, instead of self-created, can be some of the most valuable content on your website. If you write your own copy – or advise your clients about types of copy for their website – don’t let the power of the review or testimonial go unnoticed.
Happy customers that provide feedback in the form of reviews are invaluable to the online business operator. Showing future customers that past customers trusted and appreciated their product or service is a major [...]

Sing to your customers

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of a song and thought, “I feel like that song was written about me”? I don’t mean in a Carly Simon You’re So Vain sort of way. I mean the words are so relatable to your life, you feel like the songwriter was thinking about you.
Unless you personally know the songwriter (or if you are famous), odds are that the song isn’t about you. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it resonates [...]

SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week of Jan. 7, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to jump into Web writing for the new year!
2013 brought some major changes to the search environment that will greatly impact 2014.
Without further delay, and because my brain isn’t ready to function after two weeks off, here are the hottest SEO copywriting posts of 2014′s first week. Enjoy!
Bill Slawski’s kickin’ it off for us with Entity Associations with Websites and Related Entities on SEO by the Sea.
Greg Sterling shares Google’s [...]