Why you can’t fly solo as a freelance copywriter

Are you a freelance copywriter? Do you consider yourself a solepreneur? Are you the only one working on your projects?
Knock it off!
You’re not Superman (or Superwoman).
Yes, you may be the only official employee in your business, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go at it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to be a one-woman (or man) show.
You don’t know everything
Sometimes it is hard to admit, but you don’t know everything. There are many legal aspects to owning [...]

Go Niche or Go Home! Today’s success path for freelance SEO copywriters

If you want to grow your SEO copywriting business in a MAJOR way — whether you’re brand new to SEO copywriting or you’ve been doing it for a while but you’re at a career crossroads — you’ll want to take the niche path.
This is the top recommendation of industry experts now, because the cluttered field of skilled and not-so-skilled SEO copywriters is making it harder for you to stand out and attract new clients. This approach has worked gangbusters for [...]

Feeling the burn and seeking some balance

“Feel the burn!” If you hear this when you are working out, it is a good thing.
However, I have been feeling a different kind of burn lately. I’ve been:

Burning the candle at both ends.
Getting burned out.

I realized that I am about to crash and burn … and that’s not good.
Over the last six months, my life has gone through many ups and downs. Most recently, I shifted my copywriting business to an off-hours endeavor and started a 9-to-5 job (well [...]

How to successfully launch your own freelance SEO copywriting business

A couple months ago, I gathered a collection of Heather’s posts about surviving in the highly competitive SEO freelance copywriting business.
Today, I’ve selected a complementary set of Heather’s posts on how to start your own freelance business – beginning at the beginning.
These posts are a mashup of both video how-to’s and Heather’s regular Thursday posts. For those of you (like me, like Heather) who prefer to read content, rest assured that the video posts included are all accompanied by narrative [...]

Handling your copywriting client’s feedback: 5 do’s & don’ts

You’ve done your homework. You’ve interviewed your client. You’ve painstakingly put together the first draft for some new web copy. And then comes the waiting game.
Sometimes you get feedback right away. Sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks. But when that email or copy review call comes around, it’s a critical moment in your relationship with your client and your reputation as a copywriter.
If you want to keep clients happy and maintain your integrity as a writer, you [...]

Taking my own advice…

…and taking a break from writing.
This past week has given me a much-needed hiatus, allowing me to replenish the creative reservoir.
If you feel like you’ve been running on creative fumes, consider giving yourself a break. It doesn’t have to be a matter of weeks – and often that isn’t an option. But even giving yourself a few days away from the keyboard will allow room for new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unexpected sources of inspiration.
Try it! You’ll be glad you [...]

3 steps to getting your in-depth articles ranked in Google search

Google has recently introduced a new rich SERP element which highlights in-depth articles towards the bottom of the search results.
For content marketers and SEOs alike, this is fantastic news. Not only does this further emphasise the need for quality content, but also that if you apply the Schema.org Article markup, your in-depth articles stand a better chance of appearing in the SERPs for your relevant keywords.
The search giant has provided some information on how to make it easier for them [...]

5 essential business survival lessons for the freelance SEO content writer

From time to time, Heather takes some time off. Yes. And we all need to do that now and then, right? If Heather has taught us anything, it’s that taking a writing break is good for us and for our freelance copywriting business.
The last time Heather took anything resembling a “real” break, I assembled a collection of her posts directed at freelance SEO copywriters. They were personal and served to encourage, inspire, and motivate. (You may recall “Write, play, live…”).
Today, [...]

On SEO & guest blogging: A smart talk with Ann Smarty

Today we’re pleased to share our chat with Ann Smarty, founder of MyBlogGuest and veteran SEO and internet marketing expert.
Here Ann discusses how MyBlogGuest works, her current passion for reviving Threadwatch, and her take on guest blogging for links.
You’re well known as the founder of MyBlogGuest. Could you share a bit as to how it works for freelance writers and blog owners?
MyBlogGuest.com was started as a simple forum with the only aim to connect people with one interest: guest blogging. [...]

Should you close your freelance copywriting business?

Have you been thinking about closing your freelance copywriting business and working in-house instead?
Ouch. Talk about a difficult decision…
You may be thinking of closing up shop for a number of reasons:
- You aren’t hitting your financial goals, and you’re in debt (or heading that way.)
- You’re burned out and your heart isn’t in it anymore.
- You realize you could go farther, faster if you worked in-house.
- You’ve been offered a fantastic opportunity that’s too good to pass up.
I’ve gone through [...]