Leveraging content relationships & social proof for conversion rate optimization

Though content marketing has only recently reached buzzword status within the search industry, guest posting has been a popular method of promoting products and services online for a long time.
It’s often cited as a great link building technique and when done well, can help your website in more ways than just search.
Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) has long been a technical art within digital marketing, but there are also a few ways in which you can utilise guest blogging and the […]

5 tips to guarantee your guest blogging pitch doesn’t suck

I see a lot of guest blogging pitches. Most of them are simply ignored because most of them are really, really bad – sometimes they’re so bad they make my brain hurt.
But every once in a while, someone manages to make their pitch stand out from the cesspool that guest blogging has seemingly become. What’s their secret? They get “it”.
What is “it”, and how do you get “it” if you don’t already have “it”? Let’s find out by looking at […]

SEO Copywriting Checklist: Why your site needs a newsletter. Right now.

Greetings! Welcome to another installment in the SEO Copywriting Checklist video series.
In today’s video, Heather addresses a content must that a lot of small business owners – and even medium- to large-sized businesses – completely forget about, and that is having an email newsletter.
This discussion came up when Heather was doing the SEO Copywriting Certification training in Phoenix last week. She was talking about how newsletters can be really good for business, and people came back with: “Why do I […]

Freelance copywriters and IT: Can’t we all just get along?

Geeks. Propeller-heads. Huge obstacles to a site’s success.
When a freelance copywriter hears she’ll have to liaison with the IT department, her first reaction is often a huge groan. “Great,” she’ll say. “This is going to be a pain.”
It’s true that we’ve all had our “IT guy (or girl) from hell” story.  The know-it-all that was convinced that “Google won’t spot invisible text.” Or, the person who changed your carefully-constructed Titles to look like keyword  | keyword | keyword monstrosities.
Talk about […]

Make your SEO content shine in search with Schema

As an SEO content writer, you’re constantly looking for ways to expand your offerings and set yourself apart from others in your niche.
While skill and great training can set you apart from a good many, being able to offer marked up content that is search-engine friendly is going to set you apart from 99% of the others.
It is an advanced SEO skill set worth its weight in gold!
Adding Schema.org protocols to the content you write – and that of your […]

SEO client education: It’s your most important job

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO consultant, SEO copywriter, content writer, or social media coordinator that reads keyword reports – if you are helping clients with SEO, client education is your most important job.
In fact, I’d wager that if you’re struggling in your business as an SEO provider, client education is the missing piece.
Client education and managing expectations go hand in hand.
What do I mean by education? It can take many different forms, but the goal is to help […]

Smart freelance writing tips – in Haiku

Remember when I provided some SEO copywriting tips in Haiku? Well, I thought it would be fun to give freelance writers some advice – but do things a little differently.
The result? Here are 14 life, business-building and marketing tips for freelance writers – all in Haiku. Enjoy!
Don’t you think it’s time
To build a business you want
Nothing’s stopping you
Starting your business?
Consider your unique niche
What sets you apart
Choose your clients well
Give them high quality work
You will see success
Get paid what you’re worth
Don’t settle for […]

7 tips for sales call success

It’s time to call your dream prospect and sell her on your freelance copywriting services. What do you do first?
Breathe, relax and pull out your notes.
Last week’s blog post outlined how to prepare for a prospect call. Today, it’s time to pull out your notes, get on the phone and close the deal. Nervous? These seven tips will help get you through – and guarantee the call goes well.
– Spend a few minutes getting to know the prospect. A little small talk can […]

Scared of prospect calls? 5 confidence-boosting tips for freelance copywriters

What can be the scariest part of a freelance copywriter’s job?
Picking up the phone and talking to a prospect for the very first time.
Writing web copy? Piece of cake. Sending an email? Easy peasey. Calling a lead to make sure they’re a good client for you?
Ouch. Email seems soooo much easier.
Phone time with a prospect is important. Sure, email is easy and quick – but you often don’t get all the answers you want. A 30-minute phone chat can provide […]

Finding the fun in your freelance copywriting business

Yesterday, during what seemed to be my 100th pushup, my trainer said something interesting…
“I know you’re beat. You don’t want to do this. It’s time to find the fun and keep going.”
My first reaction was something like &##$&#. But then I saw her point – and realized the application “find the fun” has to freelance copywriters.
You see, owning a business is hard work. I’ve discussed before how some people think it’s all puppies and rainbows when they first start out. […]