Clearing your own path to freelance copywriting profits

Today we feature an interview with Pam Foster, author of The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits and one of the expert instructors of the Copywriting Business Boot Camp.
As a highly successful freelance SEO copywriter focusing on the pet industry, Pam has long been a proponent of niche copywriting, and teaches one of the Boot Camp training modules on niche market specialization.
In this interview, Pam discusses her experience with niche copywriting, as well as why she made the move from [...]

What baseball & poultry can teach you about handling SEO clients

What do you do when you’ve got an SEO copywriting client with whom you don’t see eye-to-eye?
Perhaps you’re developing new content or maybe you’re just taking direction and making straightforward tweaks to existing copy, but at some point, your client asks you to do something you know is a bad idea.
Sometimes it’s because your client thinks she is an expert in not only her own business, but yours as well. Sometimes it’s because she’s trying to help but is simply [...]

Should you dive or wade into a freelance copywriting business?

Greetings and welcome to the final installment of Heather’s “how to start an SEO copywriting business” video series!
Last week, Heather discussed some questions you need to ask yourself if you think that you want to launch a freelance copywriting business. Today, she addresses how to make the leap!
Typically, freelance copywriters start up their businesses in one of two ways – by just taking the plunge, or by slowing easing into their new enterprise.
Here, Heather addresses the pros and cons of [...]

Launching your freelance copywriting business: plan for success!

Greetings! In today’s installment of the How to start an SEO copywriting business video series, Heather addresses the subject in the broadest sense. That is: how and where do you begin? What steps do you need to take?
In her preceding video posts about starting a copywriting business, Heather discussed how to: define a niche market, ask for a writing deposit, deal with writing revisions, stand firm by your rates, protect yourself with a contract (no matter the size of the gig), [...]

What John Lennon can teach you about a lifestyle business

When I say that I’m OK, they look at me kind of strange…
Surely you’re not happy now, you no longer play the game
– John Lennon, Watching The Wheels
I recently watched a television show about John Lennon’s career trajectory. For years, he lived the hard partying, rock-and-roll lifestyle. Then, after a life-changing trip, he released Double Fantasy in 1980. People say that Double Fantasy reflected his new-found happiness and stability living the “family life.”
I totally understand where he’s coming from.
Once upon [...]

Your copywriting is served: what should you offer clients?

Greetings! In this installment of her how to start an SEO copywriting business series, Heather discusses a topic that freelance copywriters struggle with all the time: what copywriting services should I offer clients?
When you first start out – and even after you’ve been in business for awhile – it is tempting to offer every service under the sun, from white papers to direct mail to web pages.
Then you end up burning out, because you’re doing a little bit of everything [...]

You are a writer

Have you ever struggled with something…and suddenly, everything clicked into place? Maybe a random conversation helped you see your situation in a different way. Or you read a passage in a book – and it’s almost like the passage was written just for you.
That just happened to me.
Every Wednesday morning, rain, shine (or snow,) I jog with a remarkable group of women. I don’t mean easy, flat jogging. We’re sprinting up big hills, going fast and running stairs.
I’ve done this [...]

A freelance copywriting contract for a quick & dirty gig?

Greetings and welcome to another installment of the how to start an SEO copywriting business series!
In this video, Heather builds on her previous two posts speaking to the importance of having a freelance copywriting contract. Specifically, she answers a question posed by a reader/viewer asking whether a contract is still necessary for small copywriting jobs.
This is an excellent question, and one that will come up many times in your freelance copywriting career.
A client will need some work done and after [...]

Protect yourself! 3 copywriting contract essentials

Hey there, freelance copywriters! Welcome to the next video in the how to start an SEO copywriting business series.
Today, Heather elaborates on last week’s video (on the necessity of having a freelance copywriting contract) with three crucial things you want to include in your copywriting contract.
While she is not an attorney and this video post doesn’t constitute legal advice, Heather has been reading copywriting contracts for a very, very, very long time!
In the course of her career, she has seen [...]

How to raise your freelance copywriting rates

You know it’s time.
You’ve gathered some great case studies. You have fantastic testimonials. You’ve studied your craft, taken classes and honed your skills.
So, why is it so hard to tell your clients, “I’m raising my freelance copywriting rates?”
I get it. I really do. The good news is – your clients (probably) won’t tell you to jump in a lake. The bad news is – you may lose some folks, especially if you don’t raise your rates the right way.
Ready to [...]