Freelance writers: How to tame the client from hell

Your client schedules meetings one hour before the start time.
When you tell her a job takes two weeks, she’s demanding her deliverable two days after you start.
Your client doesn’t show up for meetings (even if she scheduled them.) Sometimes she has a (poor) excuse as to why she didn’t show up. Other times, she completely blows you off without any explanation.
It’s easy to call this person the “client from hell.” She has unrealistic expectations, doesn’t respect your time and expects [...]

Handling your copywriting client’s feedback: 5 do’s & don’ts

You’ve done your homework. You’ve interviewed your client. You’ve painstakingly put together the first draft for some new web copy. And then comes the waiting game.
Sometimes you get feedback right away. Sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks. But when that email or copy review call comes around, it’s a critical moment in your relationship with your client and your reputation as a copywriter.
If you want to keep clients happy and maintain your integrity as a writer, you [...]

Make your SEO content shine in search with Schema

As an SEO content writer, you’re constantly looking for ways to expand your offerings and set yourself apart from others in your niche.
While skill and great training can set you apart from a good many, being able to offer marked up content that is search-engine friendly is going to set you apart from 99% of the others.
It is an advanced SEO skill set worth its weight in gold!
Adding protocols to the content you write – and that of your [...]

SEO client education: It’s your most important job

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO consultant, SEO copywriter, content writer, or social media coordinator that reads keyword reports – if you are helping clients with SEO, client education is your most important job.
In fact, I’d wager that if you’re struggling in your business as an SEO provider, client education is the missing piece.
Client education and managing expectations go hand in hand.
What do I mean by education? It can take many different forms, but the goal is to help [...]

7 tips for sales call success

It’s time to call your dream prospect and sell her on your freelance copywriting services. What do you do first?
Breathe, relax and pull out your notes.
Last week’s blog post outlined how to prepare for a prospect call. Today, it’s time to pull out your notes, get on the phone and close the deal. Nervous? These seven tips will help get you through – and guarantee the call goes well.
- Spend a few minutes getting to know the prospect. A little small talk can [...]

The Veg-O-Matic approach to SEO copy development

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak at SMX West. I was originally going to chat about how content strategies have changed over the last year. Then, Chris Sherman (one of the conference organizers) said, “I really like your Tweets and how your firm repurposes content. Can you talk about that?”
Sure thing!
My slides were based on this 2011 blog post. When I originally wrote this, Google+ wasn’t even on the radar. Now, it’s yet another platform that marketers have [...]

What baseball & poultry can teach you about handling SEO clients

What do you do when you’ve got an SEO copywriting client with whom you don’t see eye-to-eye?
Perhaps you’re developing new content or maybe you’re just taking direction and making straightforward tweaks to existing copy, but at some point, your client asks you to do something you know is a bad idea.
Sometimes it’s because your client thinks she is an expert in not only her own business, but yours as well. Sometimes it’s because she’s trying to help but is simply [...]

Your copywriting is served: what should you offer clients?

Greetings! In this installment of her how to start an SEO copywriting business series, Heather discusses a topic that freelance copywriters struggle with all the time: what copywriting services should I offer clients?
When you first start out – and even after you’ve been in business for awhile – it is tempting to offer every service under the sun, from white papers to direct mail to web pages.
Then you end up burning out, because you’re doing a little bit of everything [...]

A freelance copywriting contract for a quick & dirty gig?

Greetings and welcome to another installment of the how to start an SEO copywriting business series!
In this video, Heather builds on her previous two posts speaking to the importance of having a freelance copywriting contract. Specifically, she answers a question posed by a reader/viewer asking whether a contract is still necessary for small copywriting jobs.
This is an excellent question, and one that will come up many times in your freelance copywriting career.
A client will need some work done and after [...]

Protect yourself! 3 copywriting contract essentials

Hey there, freelance copywriters! Welcome to the next video in the how to start an SEO copywriting business series.
Today, Heather elaborates on last week’s video (on the necessity of having a freelance copywriting contract) with three crucial things you want to include in your copywriting contract.
While she is not an attorney and this video post doesn’t constitute legal advice, Heather has been reading copywriting contracts for a very, very, very long time!
In the course of her career, she has seen [...]