31 questions to ask your new copywriting client

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to ask a lot of questions….
Why? Because that’s how I learn. Whether I’m chatting with a new friend or a new client, I ask a bunch of questions. Then, I shut up and let them answer (yes, I know, this is more easily said that done sometimes!)
When you’re working with a new copywriting client, asking lots of question is the key to success. Sure, that means that you’ll be spending an hour […]

5 steps to building a powerful SEO copywriting business network with LinkedIn

After 2-3 years of trying several different social networks for my SEO Copywriting business, I had a breakthrough in the past 6 months where most of my biggest web projects came from one source: LinkedIn.
I’ve come to realize that my LinkedIn connections have been more fruitful for my business, BY FAR, than any other marketing method I’ve tried. Here’s why I believe it’s a terrific resource for you too:

Your LinkedIn connections are truly business-focused connections.
People are using LinkedIn primarily for […]

Are you making your clients fire you?

I’ve heard the same complaint from small businesses as well as larger agencies:
“Why don’t more freelance writers have a sense of urgency with their clients? I can barely get someone to email me back, much less make a deadline.”
Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.
When I mention this issue to freelance SEO copywriters, they talk about how much business is coming through the door. They’re trying to ramp up, write faster and keep up with the growing demand. Yes, that may mean […]

What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway?

Welcome back!  In today’s video post, Heather answers a question from the LinkedIn SEO Copywriting group:  What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway? It is an excellent question, as many folks are somewhat mystified by the words “SEO copywriting.”  Whether you’re in the Web writing profession, or are considering hiring a SEO copywriter,  you will learn a lot in just a few minutes,  as Heather tackles this question in her second Q & A video post.
By the way, do […]

Are you asking the wrong question first?

I cringe every time I hear this question before anything else is discussed. Maybe you do too.
“How will (insert SEO copy idea here – usually a bad one) help with the search engines?”
On the surface, it doesn’t seem like such a bad first question to ask. After all, “SEO copywriting” stands for “search engine optimization copywriting.” Good writing = higher rankings has been a common mantra since the beginning of SEO time. It makes sense that folks would be considering […]

Stay true to your SEO content marketing passion: word from the trenches

When we freelance copywriters/independent web ninjas first started out, any business was good business. Most of us – myself included – finally quit that hated job with one, two months’ savings in the bank and a stack of incoming bills that wouldn’t wait. Any paying gig was cause for celebration!
For those of us who have been blessed with success, however, it doesn’t stay this way for long. The list of clients and projects grows, our calendars fill up farther and […]

What to do when you don’t get the gig

It happens to all of us. But people don’t talk about it.
Sometimes, you don’t get the gig – and your “hot lead” goes somewhere else.
Depending on how you’re feeling, it may be hard to face this kind of “rejection.” You may have spent hours carefully combing through a client’s site and creating a highly detailed proposal. Maybe you spent a couple hours with the client going back and forth about her specific needs. Heck, sometimes the client almost promises you […]

How good pick-up lines can help you write better B2B Web copy

When you were single, did you use the same pick-up line every time?
If you were talking to the smart guy (or girl,) you probably led with a brainy comment. If a hockey fan caught your eye, you’d chat about the Stanley Cup and the Bruins. If you thought an outdoorsy-looking person looked hot, you may mention your love for everything REI.
The key is, you’d change what you’d talk about depending on your, um, target audience. I bet it even came […]

15 headsmacking SEO copy ideas

I love “headsmacking” SEO copy opportunities. You know, ideas that are so simple, easy and obvious that they make you hit your head and say “Doh” when someone points them out.
It’s easy to have blind spots around our own SEO copy – we either look at it all the time (so we don’t see opportunities,) we wrote it (so we’re too close to it,) or both. Here are the most common headsmacking opportunities I see:

Technically correct, but boring Titles. Remember, […]

Are you charging enough for your time?

Last week, I wrote a blog post called, “Content mills are (almost) dead. Now what?” At the end of the post, I included this blurb:
“As a call to action to my fellow copywriting peeps, and I say this with the utmost love and compassion: If you are a writer working for $5 per 1,000 word article, stop it. You’re worth more. You really are. And I bet you would feel much better about your writing if you […]