Boost your conversion rates with this one simple technique

Ready to write your Web copy (Sure!).
Want to boost your conversion rates (heck yeah!).
This proven technique doesn’t cost any money, require you to download an app, or even require that you hire a consultant. It just requires two skills that can completely transform your writing.
The secret?

Ask smart questions
Shut up and listen to the answers.

Simple, yes. Sometimes, really hard to do. But when you ask good questions – and shut up and listen to the answers – amazing things happen.
You’ll start […]

How to explain SEO copywriting to clients

Do your clients think that “SEO copy” is a bad word?
Unfortunately, I’m not surprised.  An article called, A 3-Step SEO Copywriter Confession by Kelly Watson joked, “As an SEO copywriter I often get lumped in with keyword spammers, blog content aggregators and overseas article writers.
Sound a little familiar…?
Clients – both small and large businesses – may think of SEO copywriting as “keyword spamming” and want nothing to do with it. Sure, they know they need good content. But where they […]

Client management tips from Captain Hindsight

As my faithful readers know, I love South Park (if you don’t believe me, check out this post…and this one, too!)
Recently, South Park introduced a new superhero character – Captain Hindsight. The Captain’s special superpower was to be able to fly into any situation, tell everyone exactly how the situation could have been prevented (like the BP oil spill crisis) and fly away.
Now, if you’ll indulge me a moment while I slip into my special cape and transform myself into […]

How to work with big brands without going insane

Many smaller vendors dream of, someday, working with the “big boys.”  That allure of a big reputation builder (and what you think will be big money) is a wonderful intoxicant.
I fondly remember my first big-brand experience. An apparel client wanted to me write the copy for an ad scheduled to appear in The New York Times Magazine (I literally had one hour to write the copy…but that’s another story.) I was sitting in a restaurant called Happy Burger  (really!) when […]

Do you give it away for free?

So, what do you do when someone wants free advice?
I talked to someone the other day who had just hung out her freelance Web writing shingle. That means, she’s hustling for clients. All. The. Time.
She had a great sales-call conversation with a local business owner. They talked. They laughed. They bonded. He asked her, “What changes would you make to my site,” and she spent 45 minutes outlining how she’d change the Titles, how she’d start a blog, how she’d […]

Profiling is Good, When it Comes to Your Perfect Customer

Greetings fellow SEO copywriters and content marketers! As foretold, here is the fourth of the five crucial steps you need to walk through before putting fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, voice to recorder — whatever your chosen method — and yes, it involves RESEARCH! But as you know by now, research is not a dirty word.  On the contrary,  it is your friend, confidante, and informant.
I know your fingers are itching and your mind is twitching, BUT if you […]

Should your SEO company create your content?

I had the most interesting email exchange the other day with a SEO firm.
This particular firm (one that is well known in the industry…and no, I will not name them) contacted me because they wanted to outsource their SEO copywriting. This isn’t uncommon  – in fact, many SEO firms offer SEO copywriting services but don’t keep that particular skill set in house.
The exchange was pleasant, nice and positive. I sent over my prices. My contact wrote back and said that […]

Why SEO is a sure and profitable copywriting niche

SEO and content marketing are here to stay, and more and more businesses than ever are recognizing, investing in, and outsourcing SEO copywriting talent!
For us, a most excellent news flash!! (Or more like an affirmation/confirmation)
Just the other day, Marketing Sherpa published its Chart of the Week, which clearly indicates that companies are planning to spend the biggest chunk of their outsourced marketing dollars on SEO, even more so than on Public Relations.

Chart of the Week

Click here to return to main […]

RFIs gone wild!

Ah, the RFI. If you’ve been in business for awhile, you’ve seen the multi-page “request for information” documents prospects use during the vendor-vetting process. Some companies love filling them out, figuring it’s a great chance to showcase their successes and land the client. Other companies dread the time and manpower RFIs take to complete, preferring to opt-out of the process. With questions like, “Share your philosophy about working with clients, ” and “Explain a recent problem you had with a […]