How to stop worrying about Google updates…

…and learn to love writing really great SEO copy!
Greetings & welcome back! In today’s SEO copywriting video how-to, Heather discusses a most timely topic since Matt Cutts’ recent, ominous-sounding pronouncement that the next Google Penguin update will be “jarring” to SEO’s and Webmasters – and that is, how to stop worrying about Google updates and start writing really great SEO copy!
Tune in and learn how to set yourself free…

Fear is counterproductive
The thing is, around all the Google updates and the […]

How to find a Google-savvy SEO copywriter

Greetings! In today’s SEO copywriting video post, Heather addresses a topic that is very important if you are looking to hire an SEO copywriter, which is: how to find an SEO copywriter who won’t screw up your Google listings.
As you know, Google has made a lot of changes to its algorithm, and those changes have been largely focused on content quality, so the key to hiring an SEO copywriter is finding someone who is keeping up to date with all […]

SEO copywriting 101: A guide for clients

Whether you’re hiring copywriters in-house, or outsourcing to freelancers,  finding and working with SEO copywriters can be challenging – and a little bit scary, too.
First, you have to find the “perfect person” who will make your Web copy sing. Once you’ve found the perfect person, you have to give them direction, evaluate their content and make sure that it’s right for your site.
If you don’t know SEO, the entire process is confusing. How can you figure out who to hire? […]

3 ways to save money on SEO copywriting

Greetings! In today’s Q&A video post, Heather addresses the question: how can I save money on SEO copywriting services? You may have noticed that professional SEO copywriting isn’t cheap. You do get what you pay for. So the challenge is if you want to build out really good content for your site, you’re looking at either:     A) learning how to do it yourself, which is an investment in time, or B) outsourcing your SEO copywriting to a professional, […]

What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway?

Welcome back!  In today’s video post, Heather answers a question from the LinkedIn SEO Copywriting group:  What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway? It is an excellent question, as many folks are somewhat mystified by the words “SEO copywriting.”  Whether you’re in the Web writing profession, or are considering hiring a SEO copywriter,  you will learn a lot in just a few minutes,  as Heather tackles this question in her second Q & A video post.
By the way, do […]

How to save time and money on Web copy revisions

There’s nothing worse than seeing a SEO content strategy stall because the revision process gets hairy. I’ve seen writers quit, team members refuse to speak to each other and turf wars break out between agencies – just because everyone had a different idea of what the copy should read like.
It doesn’t have to be that way (really!) Here’s how to avoid it.

Before the first word is written, meet with all involved team members and brainstorm ideas. Some companies wait until […]

Should your SEO company create your content?

I had the most interesting email exchange the other day with a SEO firm.
This particular firm (one that is well known in the industry…and no, I will not name them) contacted me because they wanted to outsource their SEO copywriting. This isn’t uncommon  – in fact, many SEO firms offer SEO copywriting services but don’t keep that particular skill set in house.
The exchange was pleasant, nice and positive. I sent over my prices. My contact wrote back and said that […]

Has Associated Content cheapened SEO copywriting?

My, how the SEO content development fur is flying.
In the July 6 issue of MediaWeek, the headline “Council to Counter Web Generators’ Growing Clout” was front and center. The Internet Content Syndication Council (ICSC), comprised of representatives from firms such as Proctor and Gamble and Reuters, is complaining that content aggregators like Demand Media and Associated Content are “cheapening” the quality of Web content.
I couldn’t agree more.
For those unfamiliar with the business model, Web content aggregators make their money from […]

Think Penny Wise, Search Foolish when it comes to investing in an SEO copywriter

Hello, all!
Today’s post is by Pam Foster, a highly experienced SEO copywriter and one of the first Certified SEO Copywriters in the world. Enjoy!
The other day, a marketer for a sophisticated mid-size national company inquired about hiring a professional SEO copywriter to improve his website’s search engine traffic and sales results.
He admitted that his website is in very tough shape (weak search engine rankings, not much activity on this site), and that he doesn’t know why. This kind of awareness […]

Outsourcing your SEO copywriting? 9 ways to get the best quote

Yesterday, a business owner sent over an interesting question.
“Why do I have to answer so many questions before you give me a quote? Years ago, if I wanted a copywriter to write a print ad, I knew it would be X amount. Why can’t there be more transparency?”
He had a point. I don’t list prices on my site – and neither do a number of my Certified SEO Copywriters. The main reason is because, “we don’t know what we don’t […]