Is your corporate ego messing up your SEO content?

A common SEO content marketing mantra is “Write for your reader.”
The challenge is, many companies have no idea what the heck that means. All they know is that they “should write lots of content.” Because “writing content helps get better Google rankings.”
Sure, the ranking benefits of SEO writing are important. I can’t deny that. But let’s pull SEO off the table for a second and ask the question…
Who are you writing for? Your ego? Or the people who can actually […]

The SEO content revolution is here. Are you ready?

Do you want Google to care about your SEO content?
It’s time for a major paradigm shift.
The writing is on the wall. It’s not enough to have “OK” content. Or even content that’s slightly better than your competitors.
Your safest bet is to create what I call “commanding SEO content.”
Why “commanding?” If you check the definition, the word means “superior” and “authoritative.” The question is no longer, “What does Google want to see,” but instead, “How do we create SEO content that […]

When to run away from an SEO copywriting company

Wondering if you should hire a certain SEO copywriting company?
Maybe…depending on what questions they ask you.
Recently, I spoke with someone who had just hired an SEO content development firm.  This person really needed an SEO win – and he hoped adding content would help.
But here’s the problem.
There was no SEO content plan, other than “adding pages.”
There wasn’t a keyphrase strategy document.
Instead, they were going to “write pages” to “see if it helped in Google.”
:Insert sound of my head hitting my […]

SEO Copywriting Checklist: Why your site needs a newsletter. Right now.

Greetings! Welcome to another installment in the SEO Copywriting Checklist video series.
In today’s video, Heather addresses a content must that a lot of small business owners – and even medium- to large-sized businesses – completely forget about, and that is having an email newsletter.
This discussion came up when Heather was doing the SEO Copywriting Certification training in Phoenix last week. She was talking about how newsletters can be really good for business, and people came back with: “Why do I […]

Scalable content generation strategy: The online marketer’s formula for success

When you are a large company or an agency, generating large volumes of good content can be quite a challenge. It can get expensive pretty quickly.  It is also time-consuming.
And in the end, high quality content is not a guarantee of explosive attention and viral sharing.
In order for your content generation to be sustainable, it needs to be scalable. The formula for success is using fewer resources to generate more high quality content.
In addition, your content needs to provide an excellent user […]

The Veg-O-Matic approach to SEO copy development

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak at SMX West. I was originally going to chat about how content strategies have changed over the last year. Then, Chris Sherman (one of the conference organizers) said, “I really like your Tweets and how your firm repurposes content. Can you talk about that?”
Sure thing!
My slides were based on this 2011 blog post. When I originally wrote this, Google+ wasn’t even on the radar. Now, it’s yet another platform that marketers have […]

5 questions to ask before accepting a guest post

Guest blogging is a hot marketing tactic right now. Blog owners love it because they get free content. Bloggers love it because it’s a way to build links and drive traffic back to their site. It seems like the perfect win/win for both parties, right?
Well, not necessarily…
Recently, especially post-Penguin, I’ve seen a lot of so-so (at best) guest posts. What do I mean by so-so? Grammatical errors, obvious sales pitches, poor writing…you name it. The overall blog may be strong, […]

Should your business stop blogging for SEO?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that may be a little controversial…
Not every business will benefit from a blog. In fact, I think that some businesses should stop blogging right now.
Is yours one of them? Here’s how to tell:
– You’ve asked team members to be accountable for X blog posts a month. The problem is, no-one writes their assigned post – and the blogging is sporadic and spotty.  You don’t have the cash to […]

SEO copywriting Q & A from my Writer’s Digest Webinar

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of running a Webinar for Writer’s Digest. The presentation ran ten minutes overtime, so I promised  audience members that their questions would be answered in today’s blog post.
If you were on the Webinar – thank you so much! And if you’re a freelance (or in-house) writer wondering if SEO copywriting would be a smart skill set to have, read on. You may find the answers to your questions here!
Have a question that I didn’t address? […]

Is learned helplessness screwing over your SEO content?

Last week, I wrote a rant-filled post about an SEO firm filling up their client’s site with crappy blog posts because “that’s what Google wants.”
It was one of my most popular posts ever.
I started thinking about this from the client’s perspective. The content obviously sucked, so it’s not like the SEO could pass this off as “quality.” And I couldn’t figure out why the hell the client wouldn’t fire the SEO – or at least say that they were no […]