SEO advice from Barry Schwartz, Bill Slawski and Ian Lurie

We’ve had some incredible guest authors over the past few months and, in case you’ve missed ‘em, here are a few of the top guest posts.
SEO copywriting advice from search guru Barry Schwartz
Search guru Barry Schwartz makes time in his super-structured schedule to answer our SEO copywriting, Google algorithm, business ownership and time management questions.
How Google Attempts to Understand What a Query or Page is About Based Upon Word Relationships
Bill Slawski shares how Google understands the relationship among words in […]

Wooing the Googlebot: 5 steps to an irresistible XML sitemap

You can have the best site in the world but you won’t rank well if your site is difficult to crawl and navigate by a robot.
All sites should have an XML formatted sitemap including the pages of their site as a standard. This is what search engines use as part of their crawl and subsequent indexing.
It is always a good idea to make these files as easy as possible for a search engine bot to read, as it can make […]