5 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Content

News flash: B2B content doesn’t have to be boring.
I know, I know. Writing for B2B sites isn’t easy. Products like lanyards and construction helmets aren’t necessarily sexy. Your competitors’ sites are probably just as boring. And the powers-that-be may feel more comfortable with “just the facts” feature-filled content.
Yet, for many (most) B2B sites, there’s room for so much improvement. By adding just a little bit of spice, you can connect with your readers and boost your conversion rates.
Here’s how to do it:
Use the […]

5 SEO copywriting tips for B2B companies

I love working with B2B companies. Many times, they have scads of unique content opportunities – they just need someone to point them out and send them in the right direction.
If you work for a B2B company and you’ve been wondering, “Why are people bouncing out of our site so fast” or “Why don’t we position for X keyterm,” read on. You may benefit from one (or all) of these five SEO copy tips.:

Do you know who you’re writing for? […]

You inherited crap legacy content. Now what?

Good news: You were just hired as the content manager for a well-established site.
Bad news: The content is horrible, it hasn’t been optimized for SEO and every page makes you want to cry.
This scenario is extremely common. Maybe it’s because the company has had various people overseeing the site’s content. Or, no-one “owned” the content before – so there’s no strategy, no cohesion and everything is a big, fat mess.
If this sounds like your company, take a deep breath and […]

5 Easy-to-Give SEO Gifts that will Make You A Better Writer in 2014

You’ve got a bunch of names on your gift list this year, but your name probably isn’t one of them. After all, we’ve been taught it’s better to give than receive. But what if you could do both? By giving yourself these 5 simple SEO gifts, you’ll also receive the boost you need to take your writing to a new level as we bid goodbye to 2013.
SEO Gift #1: Learn More About Your Industry
Some of us spend our careers writing […]

Does your B2B content strategy target all the key influencers?

I came across this great post on HubSpot the other day that answered and negated the commonly cited shortcomings of inbound marketing their sales teams often hear from site owners and marketing managers.
This section in particular really stuck with me:
Claim: Decision-makers don’t spend their time online researching products and services…The idea is that the typical C-suite executive doesn’t spend his or her time online reading blogs, conducting searches in Google, or participating in social media.
Rebuttal: Decision-makers are influenced by online […]

Your B2B site doesn’t need more freakin’ words

Hi. My name is Heather, and I’m pissed off (“Hi, Heather!”)
Here’s why.
Last week, an SEO agency called me. They represented a B2B company that was in need of content – OK, that’s fine.
And then, the prospect started talking about the gig…
“The client needs three blog posts a week, all an average of 500 words. That’s what Google wants, you know”
“The pages should have a keyphrase density of 6.7 percent.”
“We don’t want to spend much for this content – our budget […]

How to make prospects want you, again & badly!

Greetings! Glad you’re back, as Heather has created another awesome SEO copywriting video! Today, she talks about how to make prospects desperately want your product or service…even more than before…and right now!
Of her favorite copywriting strategies, Heather discusses how to tap these most compelling buyer buttons: exclusivity & perceived value. And this is really fun, as it applies to day-to-day life!

Ever go to a club or restaurant and see this?

Wow… looks exclusive, doesn’t it?

 If you’ve ever gone out to an exclusive […]

What Dr. Seuss can teach you about copywriting

Confession time: I love Dr. Seuss.
The words to One Fish, Two Fish are stuck in my brain. I have a Dr. Seuss watch. I have Dr. Seuss books on my iPad. I watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” ever year. I even have a limited edition print hanging in my bedroom.
Why? The words that Theodor Geisel (otherwise known as Dr. Seuss) wrote had an impact on me. Yes, his books taught me how to read (and they always bring back fond […]

Are you reaching your target B2B audience?

Greetings! Today’s SEO Copywriting video post is in response to a question put to Heather during her recent Inbound Writer webinar (7 Steps to SEO Copywriting Success):  “How do you address competing keywords where the keyword attracts multiple audiences?”
This is a very good question, and one that poses a particular challenge for business-to-business (B2B) copywriters.  Tune in to learn the common mistakes made by B2B writers in their keyphrase research – and hence, site optimization – and how to avoid […]

Does your Website copy suck the life out of your conversions?

What’s scarier than zombies, witches and vampires combined?
Bad sales copy that sucks the life out of your conversions.
You may say, “Well, our sales copy is performing OK – I check our analytics.” And that’s good. But I want to teach you how to transform your “good” sale copy into “great” – and turn your sales up to a Spinal Tap 11.
And all it’s going to take is a little bit of time.
It’s easy to develop a blind spot around our […]