Does your B2B content strategy target all the key influencers?

I came across this great post on HubSpot the other day that answered and negated the commonly cited shortcomings of inbound marketing their sales teams often hear from site owners and marketing managers.
This section in particular really stuck with me:
Claim: Decision-makers don’t spend their time online researching products and services…The idea is that the typical C-suite executive doesn’t spend his or her time online reading blogs, conducting searches in Google, or participating in social media.
Rebuttal: Decision-makers are influenced by online […]

Make your freelance copywriting pay – every time!

Greetings! Today Heather presents the second video of her series, How to start an SEO copywriting business, with a topic near and dear to any freelancer’s pocketbook: how to make money.
Whether you’re new to freelancing or have been doing it for awhile, this is a very important subject. In order to make money, you need to know how to ask for it before you start a writing project. In other words, you need to know how to ask for a […]

Got video #SEO? 4 easy optimization tips

Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience online, whether you’re running a huge multi-national corporation or a small business employing just a few staff. In fact, more small businesses than ever are choosing to include videos on their websites as they realise that video is becoming an integral part of online marketing.
Of course, another big part of marketing a business online is SEO. Most small business owners realise the benefits of SEO these days and […]

Matt McGee on SEO & small business search marketing

Today, Matt McGee honors us with an interview on how he came to be the Executive News Editor of Search Engine Land and its sister site, Marketing Land, as well as his motivation for starting his own blog, Small Business Search Engine Marketing.
Matt also shares what small business site owners should focus on now, and what Google’s Panda and Penguin updates mean for them in the current search engine marketing environment.
Enjoy these insights from one of the industry’s most respected […]

On SEO, social media & small business…

…An interview with SugarSpun Marketing‘s Jennifer Evans Cario 
Today we feature our interview with Jennifer Evans Cario, founder of SugarSpun Marketing and among “The Women Who Rock SEO – the second wave.” Jennifer talks about her career in internet marketing and SEO, her passion for helping smaller businesses with cost-effective social media marketing strategies, and her upcoming book, Pinterest: An Hour a Day.
As one of the most notable women who rock SEO, you’ve been in and around the industry for about what, […]

“2013 will be the year of the SEO”: an interview with Nathan Safran

Today we are excited and honored to feature this interview with Nathan Safran, the Director of Research at Conductor, Inc.
Here, Nathan shares the results of Conductor’s latest research, predicting that “2013 will be the year of the SEO” (conducted in concert with Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen), as well as his take on the SEO/search scene as a whole…
So in conjunction with Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen, your research via Conductor indicates that 2013 will be the year of the […]

Your B2B site doesn’t need more freakin’ words

Hi. My name is Heather, and I’m pissed off (“Hi, Heather!”)
Here’s why.
Last week, an SEO agency called me. They represented a B2B company that was in need of content – OK, that’s fine.
And then, the prospect started talking about the gig…
“The client needs three blog posts a week, all an average of 500 words. That’s what Google wants, you know”
“The pages should have a keyphrase density of 6.7 percent.”
“We don’t want to spend much for this content – our budget […]

How to make prospects want you, again & badly!

Greetings! Glad you’re back, as Heather has created another awesome SEO copywriting video! Today, she talks about how to make prospects desperately want your product or service…even more than before…and right now!
Of her favorite copywriting strategies, Heather discusses how to tap these most compelling buyer buttons: exclusivity & perceived value. And this is really fun, as it applies to day-to-day life!

Ever go to a club or restaurant and see this?

Wow… looks exclusive, doesn’t it?

 If you’ve ever gone out to an exclusive […]

Increase conversions, sales, & coverage with behavioral targeting

Two words – “behavioral targeting” – describe a technique that seems far too foreign to the world of online marketing and website optimization. In fact,  it’s something that most web developers are not even aware of.
However, the possibility is quite high that the sites that you frequent and find pretty impressive already use this technique. And chances are the popular sites of top grossing businesses owe it to this magnificent technique.
So what is behavioral targeting anyway?
Behavioral Targeting – Entering the […]

3 steps to ensure competitor-crushing SEO copywriting

Welcome back! In today’s SEO copywriting video, Heather discusses the three things that you should do before either hiring an SEO copywriter, or starting to write your own new website.
This how-to was inspired by an email Heather received, in which the woman said she had her domain purchased and business registered with the state, and was really excited to hire a copywriter, then asked “What else do I need to do before I hire the SEO copywriter?”
Heather’s lengthy reply spoke […]