3 tips for DIY small business SEO content writing

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I’ve said it before – small businesses can write killer SEO content. When their passion for the written word is translated to the page (or, in this case, to the site,) the end result is entertaining, persuasive and […]

Does your SEO copywriting sound like a bad date?

Before I entered the wonderful world of married bliss, I was the woman who always had the best (or would it be worst?) dating horror stories. Still lives with his mother? Check. Texting his ex-wife while sitting at dinner? Check. You name it. It happened to me. People thought I was cursed.
As I was remembering those “bad old days,” I realized that going on a first date is a lot like visiting a site for the first time. In that […]

Think CIAO for B2B SEO copywriting

Whenever I chat with in-house and freelance SEO copywriters, I’m typically asked “the B2B question.” It goes something like this:
“I think I understand how to write optimized Web copy for B2C sites. But what about B2B SEO copywriting? Isn’t it different?”
It’s true that B2B SEO copywriting often has a slightly different tone and feel than its consumer counterpart. After all, if you’re targeting executives with buying authority, the copy will read differently than if you’re writing about pet accessories or […]