9 easy tips to jump start your SEO copywriting strategy

Feeling a little overwhelmed by SEO content marketing?

Sure you know that it’s important. And sure, you know that you must have some amazing opportunities…somewhere. It’s just figuring out what they are and how to start.

Here are nine SEO copywriting things you can start right now.

  • Revisit your customer persona. You may be serving the same target audience, but the current economy may have altered their needs and changed their lifestyle. Revisit your customer persona and determine what (if anything) has changed.
  • Have different target audiences? Build customized landing pages. Web pages don’t have to have a one-size-fits-all approach. Constant Contact, an email marketing company, has industry-specific sales landing pages for “spas,” “retail,” “nonprofits” and other verticals. Remember, the more laser-targeted your writing is for your target audience, the better your conversions.
  • Review your Google keyword strategy. Google Instant and on-the-fly search results have changed the way we do keyword research. If it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed your keyphrases, now is an excellent time.
  • See if you are repeating your keyphrases, repeatedly. A huge SEO copywriting myth is that the content should be chock-full of keyphrases. Not so!  If your web pages read funky and your conversions are low, it’s the perfect opportunity for a rewrite.
  • Strategize how you can tweak your Titles. Another Google Instant strategy tweak – on-the-fly Google search results means that folks are scanning the page faster than ever before. Your Titles shouldn’t just be keyphrase-rich. They should be compelling, too. Boring text will cause your listings to slide by without notice.
  • Try something new. Always wanted to try Twitter? Learn how and get going. Want to start a newsletter that’s great for readers and SEO? Fantastic idea. Chances are, you have a huge SEO content marketing opportunity right in front of you. You just need to see it (or ask someone else to point it out for you.)
  • Ask yourself if your writing pushes emotional hot buttons. SEO copywriting is more than just search engine stuff. It’s about reaching people where they live, showing them that you understand what they need and triggering their emotions…somehow. If your writing is “just the facts” and your text isn’t converting, you may need a new approach.
  • Get help if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sure, there are a lot of free SEO copywriting and content strategy resources out there – but that doesn’t mean jack when you have no idea how best practices apply to your situation. Consulting, training or writing help probably costs less than you think. Why not check and see?
  • Quit overwhelming and accept the baby-step reality Yes, I understand that your site has 20,000 SKUs. Yes, I understand that any SEO content initiative s a heck of a lot of work. At the same time, you can accomplish your goals if you set a strategy and work in baby steps. I’ve seen it work for many large sites – and it can work for yours, too. Freaking out and doing nothing doesn’t help.

Your big takeaway? Make a decision to do something on the list and take the first step. You may not have a lot of time. You may not have a lot of budget. But you can still gain some pretty sweet search results – if you get your rear in gear.  Maybe you order a SEO content marketing report from a vendor. Maybe you train your staff in SEO copywriting. Maybe you rewrite one Web page. For goodness sake – do something! Do it now. Otherwise, you’re doing nothing but leaving money on the table.