How I do what I do: confessions of a content curator

Yes, I love content. Worthwhile, pithy content that I can sink my teeth into. I bookmark, curate and condense this content, and share it with you all via the SEO content marketing roundup each Wednesday on this blog.

I’m often asked how I go about it.

I feel a bit abashed in saying that I have no system per se, no formula to offer. But I can tell you this: I know “quality” stuff when I see it, immediately. And you’ll often see it in my Twitter stream, or liked, or recommended, or Google Plus’ed.  But to date, I cannot honestly delineate a rhyme or reason, method to my madness, anything that might help you all out. Sorry!

Call it a journalist’s hunch or just plain common sense or some sort of intuition.  Or not.  But for what it’s worth, here is what I do when curating content:

1.  Check the most credible sites and news sources

My daily diet of blogs and news includes: Top Rank Marketing, Content Marketing Institute, Conversation Marketing, Level 343, Copyblogger, Seth Godin, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and then a ton of other Search Engine, SEO, and Social Media authorities and’s (yes, I find great value in’s from certain sources). And this list is by no means exhaustive or exclusive, or representing “site endorsements.”  I follow many other blogs and news sources. Just offering up my triage.

2.  Check my email inbox

I also make a point of tracking alternative sources of content, search, social and SEO blog posts and news.

I can only do so much internet research in a week – or day – so for instance: although social media marketing is not my primary passion, I keep in touch via email subscriptions with a number of social media sources.  As well as content, search, and SEO.  My inbox is intimidating.

I fillet my way through it ruthlessly.

3.  Keep my mind and digital ears open

I am always checking the Twitter stream (sorry, Google+) for news and links relevant to the industry.  For me, Twitter provides absolute web gems from sites and sources far and wide, in real time.

No voice or source of substantive content is neglected on its face. But again, it really is a matter of time and energy. Quite often, I’ve happened upon a thread that seeds the theme of my roundup from a brand spanking new source. The Twitter stream proves time and again to be a serendipitous source of inspiration for me.

So what say you?

That all said, I am wide open for your suggestions as to what you would like to see in the Wednesday SEO Content Marketing Roundup, or who you would like to hear from in the Tuesday guest posts.

Shoot me an email: and I will be happy to oblige ;-)  Look forward to hearing from you!  (And sharing the latest SEO content marketing roundup with you tomorrow).

Til then,

Laura Crest

Twitter: @ljcrest