SEO content marketing roundup, week ending July 7th, 2010

Greetings fellow SEO copywriters & content marketers!  Today marks the inaugural weekly blog post featuring the latest and greatest content marketing news.  Explore, engage, go forth, and prosper!

Got quality? The buzz-phrase for today’s SEO content marketing roundup is “quality not quantity.”  Strong content helps land incoming links, encourages conversions and pushes your prospects’ emotional “buy” buttons. Check out the following links for the latest SEO content marketing scoop:

In response to the growing clout of low-quality, link-based content being churned out by such “generators” as Demand Media and Associated Content, officials from the Internet Content Syndication Council (ICSC) — whose members include heavies like Procter & Gamble, Reuters and The Tribune Company — are considering imposing quality guidelines for syndicated content. Read all about it!  at Mediaweek (and look for Heather’s take on it in tomorrow’s blog post!).

Do you target a higher-end clientele – or offer a premium content. How you sell your product is just as important as the product itself! “The Lure of Exclusivity,” Target Marketing Magazine’s article by Denny Hatch underscores the fundamental, emotional hot-button keys to successful copywriting – particularly the dollar-backed clientele who yearn for “privacy and privilege.”

Want to get your geek on? For SEO geeks who (like me) who enjoy analytics and are intrigued by buyer behavior, Search Engine Journal has a great optimization guide for targeting onsite prospects in real time to deliver the most effective, conversion-optimized content.  Well worth a look – even if you’re not a techie!

“It is well worth the time to write great content as opposed to lots of decent content.” Yes, yes it is! If you’re looking for link-love, writing useful quality content (and knowing what to do with it) is key.  Read one person’s take on link-building (and content) success in SEOmoz.

If you’ve held off on writing new pages because they’ll take “forever” to get indexed, sad news – no more excuses for you!  Fresh content will be rewarded with the trend towards real time search, meaning that your brilliant prose will be indexed almost instantaneously, rather than a month or more down the road. Check out: Marketing Sherpa’s Top 5 SEO Best Practices for 2011, from the newly released 2011 Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report — SEO Edition (reproduced at

For a concise summary of Google’s July updates, check out Search Engine Roundtable.  Thankfully, there is no drama or trauma for SEO Copywriters and Content Marketers!  The upshot is that Google is now faster on Caffeine.  Aren’t we all?