SEO content marketing roundup, week ending November 10th

Greetings web writers and online marketers! It’s King Content and Queen SEO dominating this week’s latest and greatest web writing news, with much discussion about semantic SEO, the valuation of content, and some interesting developments in search.  There’s a lot to cover and a good deal of links here, so let’s get to it!

It’s the hot new topic of the SEO world:  LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), the semantic (context-based) algorithm for determining search relevance.  Non-techies may want to check out this Wordstream guest post, which clearly explains LDA’s implications for SEO, as well as this practical translation by Christopher S. Penn.

More geek-oriented discussions of LDA — in fact, an ongoing series of posts — may be found at (surprise!) SEOmoz.  To see it in action, visit (Feel) Tip Top, where semantic search is already driving results.

Speaking of hot new topics, PubCon Las Vegas 2010 (Nov. 8–11) is going on now and once again, Search Engine Roundtable is covering it via live blog.

Content Marketing Institute is launching a new series of posts, this time about how to make the case for content marketing to the executive powers that be.  Perhaps Social Media Explorer’s “Is Content Marketing the New Advertising?” would also help.

A related post at Search Engine Journal speaks to the timing of online marketing, from time management to time ROI – great read for the business-minded.

Is there room for improvement in your SEO copywriting and content development? Whether a newbie or seasoned SEO pro, you’ll want to see this post at Top Rank.

Are you a local? A great post on local SEO at Search Engine Land is chock full of useful details and resources, while SEOmoz expert Danny Dover covers the basics.

On the heels of Blekko’s official launch comes the beta release of RockMelt, a “social-savvy browser” that incorporates Facebook, as explained by separate posts at Mashable.

But wait!  In a crazy coincidence, RockMelt’s additional feature, a search preview, has been answered by Google in its own launch of “Instant Previews,” to augment Google Instant.  A comparison of the two previews is available at TechCrunch.

Finally, just for (SEO) fun, enjoy these great posts at The Fire Horse Trail (“The Art of War – SEO Style”) and at ReveNews (“10 Reasons SEO Didn’t Work For You”).