Bored? Here’s how you can spice up your SEO content

Has your SEO content gone stale? Here are some ways to spice it up!Whether you consider yourself a niche writer or not, chances are you tend to create content for similar websites. Maybe you tend to write websites for medical or legal professionals. Maybe you have many small business clients. Perhaps you have mastered B2B writing.

Regardless, if you are comfortable writing similar sites, you may be stagnant and not even know it.

When I first started out, I wrote websites for many dentists. I could write about the various types of teeth whitening systems, the differences between an inlay and an onlay, and even the various methods to overcome dental phobia.

The bonus: I could write these websites in my sleep. There was a quick turnaround and very little effort.

The problem: I could write these websites in my sleep. The websites started sounding the same and I lost my desire to write something different. I was bored.

Then I received a referral and things got interesting.

This client sold “marital aids” and wanted an extensive guide.

Was this outside of my normal comfort zone? Oh yeah. But writing about something else was fun and exciting. I couldn’t turn off my brain and mindlessly type. I had a new target audience to write for, new perspectives to consider and new products to discuss.

Plus, I noticed even more benefits – ones that carried through to my other jobs.

The gig shook up my thinking and let me approach the next dental website with a refreshed outlook. I saw new opportunities and broke free from the same boring structure.

All from trying something new.

This week’s SEO content challenge: Spice things up!

Write something different. You don’t have to write about marital aids, just something outside of your normal writing realm.

If you don’t have the luxury of breaking out of your niche (especially if you are an in-house writer), find another outlet. Write a short story. Create an unrelated blog post. Do whatever you can do to shake up your creativity.

You’ll be amazed at how much it helps.

Happy writing!

(And if you have your own tips of how to break through from “boring” into “brilliant,” please let us know in the comments. Thanks!)

Photo thanks to Clyde Robinson

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