5 SEO writing myths that cost you money

Money flying out the window

Quit letting money fly out the window. Tighten up your SEO writing campaign!

SEO writing doesn’t work. Google keeps changing their algorithm. I guess I’ll go eat worms..

(No, not really – although I couldn’t resist throwing in that childhood ditty.)

Although you may be laughing at the “eat worms” part, it’s true that many people are seriously confused about SEO writing. Instead of embracing it and seeing its potential, they pretend it’s “not important.”

The result? Potential profits fly out the window.

How sad.

Here are the most common SEO writing myths I (still) hear:

Why should I hire an SEO writer? Google “knows” what my site is about.  

Google is not a person – nor is it a mind reader (yet.) Just because it’s clear to you that you offer industrial tubing doesn’t mean that Google “gets” that. Especially if the words “industrial tubing” don’t appear on your site. I’ve seen Google rankings go from so-so to spectacular after an SEO writer rewrote the existing content (and conversions went up, too.) Why wouldn’t you want that success for your own site?

I don’t need to research keyphrases. I’m sure I’ll use the “right” words when I write the content.

Sadly, I hear this mostly from freelance copywriters who believe that “SEO writing is a myth” ::sigh::  Yes, you’ll probably naturally use some of the keyphrases while you’re writing the content. But the keyword there is “some.” Keyphrase research gives you amazing insight on how people search for your product or service. Why ignore the data when it’s right there – and it’s free?

SEO writing is too technical. I can’t learn it.

Yes, you can. Really. Sure, the SEO lingo may be overwhelming at first. But I’ve literally seen thousands of people go from, “I can’t do this,” to “Hey, this isn’t as bad as I thought.” Is there a learning curve? Yes. Can you learn it (even if you come from a print copywriting background, or you’re a stressed-out business owner?) You bet!

People won’t call me if I include “too much” information on my site. 

If you think being “mysterious” will increase your conversion rates, think again. If you want people to buy from you – or contact you for more information – the more content, the better. Plus, the more content you add, the more opportunities you have to position for even more keyphrases (which means getting found in Google more often!) Never be afraid of adding good content that answers your target audiences’ questions.

Why bother? Google is going to change the SEO writing rules anyway.

It’s true that Google has tightened up their SEO content requirements. The spammy copy that worked once upon a time is no longer effective (yippee!). However, Google is still rewarding well-written, quality content. Have there been some changes to how I approach an SEO copywriting client and write their content? Sure. Have the basic fundamentals stayed in place for over 15 years. You bet. Why let learned helplessness get in the way of great Google rankings?

Did you notice that I didn’t include keyword density on this list? That’s because – after years of talking about it – I’m sure that people know it’s a myth. Right? Right?

What other SEO writing myths would you add to this list?

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