Hello World!

Hello World!

Wow – after six months in the making – the first SEOCopywriting.com post! My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin, and I’m the CEO of SuccessWorks. Some people may remember me from the RankWrite newsletter a long time ago. Others may have seen me speak at SES, DMA or the PubCon conference. And others may not know who I am – but they’re excited to learn more about SEO copywriting.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Posts about SEO copywriting best practices and foundational copywriting strategies.

Sure, it’s important to know the general SEO copywriting how-to’s when you’re working on your site (or a client site.) But it’s also important to understand how to create killer text that makes people want to take action. We’ll discuss how to blend the both of best worlds and write high-positioning copy that converts.

Answers to reader questions.We’ll answer your questions and give you the straight skinny on the latest SEO copywriting techniques.

Weekly SEO Copywriting Clinics.Wondering how to give your text more power, punch and persuasiveness? We’ll review one site a week and post our findings on friday. To get your site reviewed, email us at review @ seocopywriting.com.You’ll also be hearing from other members of the SuccessWorks family, including Aimee Beck, Susan White and Detlev Johnson of SearchReturn. Plus, we’ll keep things hot and fresh with the occasional fun guest interview.

Thanks for reading – and tell your friends! This should be a fun ride.

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