Remembering Jane Cairns

Today marks a sad day for a member of the SuccessWorks family.

Laura Crest’s mother, Jane Cairns, passed away yesterday. Laura told me the news last night and said that her mother was a beautiful soul who’s gift was to give.

Instead of Monday’s video post, I wanted to dedicate this post to Laura’s mother.  I didn’t know Jane, but I figure she had to be a cool woman – after all, look at Laura. :)

The blog will return to “normal” tomorrow.  Things may not return back to normal for Laura for a long time – but we’re all here to help her.

Life is so very short – and we never know when we’ll be saying goodbye. Today, please take the time to tell someone that you love and appreciate them. It may mean more than you know.

And if you’d like to leave a note for Laura, please write a comment. I’m sure that she’ll appreciate it.


Gratitude to photon_de for the photo.