Does your company blend in? Or stand out?

Stand outYour company is amazing. You have a great story to tell – and unique benefits to highlight.

So, why doesn’t your SEO content showcase your awesomeness?

Maybe it’s because you’re actually writing afraid instead of owning your power.

Why blend into the masses and do what your competitors are doing? Instead, shout about your unique qualities! For instance:

Maybe your company has blenders so powerful, they can chew through iPads. Maybe your experience has helped other struggling business owners.

That “stuff” is important – to your customers, to your team, and to your prospects. And it helps you make sales.

Your SEO content challenge this week:  Pinpoint one thing that makes your company awesome. Then write about it.

That means finding your voice and showcasing what makes you different. After all…

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

(And yes, Dr. Seuss can teach you about copywriting. Here are some additional tidbits.)

Are you “too close” to your web content and you can’t see your company’s awesome opportunities? Let me help. Contact me today – I can help you showcase your expertise and drive more sales!