Your SEO is not the problem

Who do you blame when your sales are slow?

We’re not getting business because the graphic designer designed our logo wrong.

We’re not getting business because our competitors have way more money.

We’re not getting business because the SEO company we hired didn’t do it right. 

We’re not getting business because we’re a small business, and Google only likes large companies.

We’re not driving more traffic to the website because, because, because…

Bring up the fact that the site content sucks, and the blame cycle starts again. “Yeah, we haven’t spent a lot of time on the content. But why bother when the logo is wrong, Google doesn’t like our site and the SEO screwed up anyway?”

Guess what? I doubt the reason that you aren’t landing leads is because Google, your competitors, your SEO and your link builder conspired against your success.

It’s your content.

Bad content will not drive leads. Or sales. Or shares.  You can market the hell out of your site, but it won’t help (much.)

Bad content is just bad – and it has issues, too.

For instance…

Bad content issue #1: Your site is so focused on SEO that you ignore the customer experience. Have you spent thousands on link building, social media management and technical SEO – but you made your admin assistant write the copy and told her to stuff it with keyphrases? If so, what are you thinking? As my father used to say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Your link builder and SEO may be able to drive more traffic to your site, but know that “driving traffic” doesn’t mean “you’ll make sales.” If your content sucks, there’s no reason to promote it. Fix it instead.

Bad content issue  #2: Your site is so filled with marketing-speak that it turns off your readers. Have you ever chatted with someone who liked to flaunt their “intellectual superiority?” Boring aren’t they? Yeah – well, your dirt-dull SEO content has the same effect on folks. If you’re pushing your “consultative” angle, speaking over the heads of most readers will do nothing but turn them off and cause them to feel like they can’t “connect” with you. When you write approachable copy, people will approach you. It’s that simple. (And yes, I’m talking to you, B2B companies.)

Bad content issue #3: Your site is all about you – and not about your reader. Here’s a newsflash – your prospects really don’t care about your mission statement. Or your warehouse. Or your process – unless you can show how that process helps your customers. Think about it: do you recite your mission statement every time you chat with a new prospect? Of course not. Why would you write content that does exactly that?

Bad content issue #4: You don’t have much site copy because you want people to call you instead. Yes, it’s important to chat with prospects. At the same time, people won’t call you unless you give them a reason – and that reason means smart, customer-driven content. You don’t need to give away the secret sauce of what you do. But, don’t you want enough copy to explain what you do and why people should give you a call?

So, if you find yourself playing the blame game – and you know that your site content isn’t that great – isn’t it time to tackle the real issue?

I think that you’ll be amazed at the results.