Why SEO is a sure and profitable copywriting niche

SEO and content marketing are here to stay, and more and more businesses than ever are recognizing, investing in, and outsourcing SEO copywriting talent!

For us, a most excellent news flash!! (Or more like an affirmation/confirmation)

Just the other day, Marketing Sherpa published its Chart of the Week, which clearly indicates that companies are planning to spend the biggest chunk of their outsourced marketing dollars on SEO, even more so than on Public Relations.

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week
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New Chart: Outsourcing Plans for Key Marketing Functions

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week

So as a copywriter, you have to ask yourself: in which niche do I specialize?  Duh!  No-brainer!  Go for SEO and reap the low-hanging fruit!

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