How to make money as an SEO copywriter

Welcome back! In today’s video post, we’re going to address the question of the week: ” how can I make money as an SEO copywriter?”  You have the three crucial skills to be a successful SEO copywriter and have studied the several disciplines that make up the field (or at least, have made a beginning towards building your knowledge in these areas), so of course you want to get a handle on your own expected ROI of considerable time, effort, and resources!

Join Heather as she answers this burning question, and more…

Here are the highlights:

1. How much can you charge for your SEO copywriting?

Typically, the answer to this is “it depends”:

  • What you can expect to charge depends heavily on your experience, past results, and skill level:  rates can range from $50/page to $1,500/page
  • Demonstrable results, advanced training, client testimonials, and case studies will all serve to help you increase your fees
  • What kind of market you choose will also factor in, i.e., local or national.  You fees may be slightly higher or lower, depending on your chosen market.

As a beginning SEO copywriter, you’re probably not going to see $1,500/page right out of the gate. You’ll need to develop a portfolio, collect testimonials, and hone your skills in the other relevant fields first. But the good news is that it’s completely up to you to cultivate your skills and experience — you’ve all kinds of room to move up the pay scale and give yourself a raise!

2. What kinds of work could you do?

There are scads of opportunities out there for you to choose from.  SEO copywriting is a great field for those who loathe boredom, because you will not get bored!  It really is up to you to choose what you enjoy doing most.  The SEO copywriting umbrella is broad and roomy.  A sampling of the kinds of work you might do include:

  • Web sales copy
  • White papers
  • Blogging
  • Tweeting
  • Cases studies
  • Product copy
  • Keyphrase research
  • Newsletters

This list goes on and on. The fun thing is that the more you broaden your skill set, the more you can do and the more you can charge.  You may want to specialize in one area, or if you prefer variety, you may want to do them all.  Again, it is completely up to you.  How cool is that?

3. Where can you find clients?

Prospective clients are everywhere. Again, it is up to you — it is your choice as to what you want to do and where you want to do it! Locally, your prospect pool is virtually any company that has a website.  Or you may decide to work 100-percent online for the national market.

You may want to consider partnering with Web designers, agencies, or even other SEO copywriting firms that outsource their work.  If you don’t want to freelance and lean towards the stability of a steady income, you can always pursue any of the many in-house SEO copywriting opportunities available to you!

So what is the market demand for SEO copywriters?

You’ll have to check in next week, when Heather posts a video answering just that! Thanks for tuning in!  Questions?  Comments?  Please feel free to let us know.  See you next Monday!