Should your business stop blogging for SEO?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that may be a little controversial…

Not every business will benefit from a blog. In fact, I think that some businesses should stop blogging right now.

Is yours one of them? Here’s how to tell:

– You’ve asked team members to be accountable for X blog posts a month. The problem is, no-one writes their assigned post – and the blogging is sporadic and spotty.  You don’t have the cash to outsource, and it’s just not getting done internally.

– You’re a small business with no time to handle the blogging in house (nor do you have any idea what to write about.) Plus, you don’t have a budget to outsource blog post writing to a good SEO writer.

– You’ve done everything right and have been blogging for awhile. Yet, your blog posts aren’t generating traffic nor are they meeting your conversion goals.

“But Heather,” you may say. “Isn’t blogging a good thing for SEO? And isn’t blogging good for demonstrating a company’s expertise?”

Well, yes. But…

In a perfect world, every company would blog their hearts out and create high-quality content. The thing is – most companies don’t have a “perfect world” scenario going on. People are busy, budgets are tight and some industries don’t naturally lend themselves to blogging (for instance, a local roofing company.)

As I’ve mentioned before, your Website doesn’t need more SEO content. It needs the right content that connects with your readers and encourages the conversion you want. If your blog isn’t meeting those metrics, it’s time to move on and find another avenue. This doesn’t mean that you’re off the content creation hook. What it does mean is you approach your content in a slightly different way.

Here are some ideas:

If your employees aren’t blogging (but should be,) get everyone together and ask for feedback. Is it because they don’t know what to write about?  Or is writing one blog post taking hours of time (which can be typical for non-writers.) If you have a clear idea of the real problem, it’s much easier to figure out a workaround.

- If you have a blog, but you’re not sure what (if anything) is wrong with it – consider bringing in an outside expert to review it and make suggestions (I do this during my SEO Content Reviews.) It may be that a few tweaks is all you need to transform your blog from blah into bodacious. It’s amazing how much easier it is to blog when you have some specific, actionable tips to work with.

- Consider other ways to reach your readers. For instance, it’s easier to write two or three high quality articles every month than to stick to a very demanding, five days a week blogging schedule. Additionally, if you’re a B2B company, consider producing a white paper every month (or every quarter.)

- Is someone in your company a video whiz? Try video interviews and post those instead. It’s much easier to summarize a video and post that than write a blog post from scratch. Plus, video has its own SEO benefits as well. Just make sure that you don’t rely 100 percent on video posts without offering some text.

What are some of your company’s current blogging challenges? Have you thought about turning to other forms of SEO content generation? Let me know in the comments – thanks!

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