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Heather Lloyd-Martin Guest Speaker at SMX West 2012

February 2012

Heather is a featured speaker on “The New Killer Content” panel at SMX West 2012.

Top Women in SEO 2012

January 2012

What an incredible honor! Heather was voted one of the top three women in SEO.

Top Women in SEO

December 2011

What a nice way to end the year! Heather was named one of the top women in SEO by the U.K.-based WebMarketing Group.

Halogen TV

November 2011

In an expert interview, Heather Lloyd-Martin shares her 15-year work-from-home success story with Halogen TV.

SeoPros.org endorses the SEO Copywriting Certification training

July 2011
After a year-long evaluation, Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Certification Training is endorsed by SeoPros.org

Winner – best copywriting blog

June 2011
What an honor! Heather’s blog, SEO Copywriting, was chosen as a top copywriting blog by Boost CTR.

Higher Ed Hero

April 2011
During this Higher Ed Hero presentation, Heather Lloyd-Martin discussed SEO copywriting for colleges and universities, and how content can help generate student enrollment.


February 2011
Speaker and program advisory committee member at MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing Forum 2011.

AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive

February 2011
What fun! Heather got to address a group of new and “seasoned” copywriters during her full-day training at AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive. Topics included social media writing, SEO copywriting and keyphrase strategy.

Level 343

Woot! Heather was nominated as one of the Top SEO Women in 2011.


December 2010
Heather tells Suite101 why SEO for the sake of SEO alone can be too much of a good thing in this article by Oren Shafir, from the online communication and web strategy group, Website Doctors, in Denmark.

SEO Copywriting Success Summit

November 2010
Details on the SEO Copywriting Success Summit hosted by Revenue Performance that Heather will lead in January, 2011. Take a look.


September 2010
Read as Heather talks about writing copy that ranks and converts with Elisa Gabbert. Check out Heather’s interview here.


August 2010
Heather’s blog, SEO Copywriting, is listed as one of HubSpot’s “23 Awesome SEO Blogs Everyone Should Read.” Very cool!

Content Marketing Institute

August 2010
Read this article that Heather wrote called, “10 Ways to Find Your Perfect SEO Copywriter” and get some tips.

ProCopy Tips

June 2010
Heather reveals in this interview with Dean Rieck about what SEO copywriting is and what it’s like to work in the field. Check out Heather’s SEO copywriting interview .

AWAI’s 3rd Annual Web Copy Intensive

March 2010
Roving video reporter, Henry Bingaman brings you face-to-face with Heather. Listen to Heather’s take on why social media is so important and the tools you can use to organize your experience.


January 2010
In this three-question interview, Todd Mintz asks Heather about what’s she’s doing, how easy it is to optimize existing copy, and how analytics can improve a SEO copywriting campaign. Check out Heather’s SEO copywriting interview and learn why a content marketing campaign is a smart investment.

Pink Magazine

December 2009
Wondering how your small business can make big bucks in 2010? In this article by Melanie Rembrant for Pink Magazine, you’ll read Heather’s take on why SEO is so important to a small business’ success.

SEM Synergy

October 2009
What’s the big content marketing takeaway from SMXEast? Wondering how psychology 101 plays a part in your SEO copywriting strategy? Virginia Nussey from Bruce Clay, Inc. interviews Heather for this popular WebmasterRadio.FM podcast.

Target Marketing Magazine

April 2009
Is your SEO copywriting too “old school?” Heather’s article discusses how you can make over your virtual mullet – and expertly update your SEO copywriting strategy.


March 2008
Is there a business case for SEO copywriting? You bet. Check out the four-minute WebPro News video from Search Engine Strategies 2008.

Online Marketing Heroes

February 2008
A special congratulatory shout out to Heather Lloyd-Martin, who was just interviewed for the new Wiley book, “Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus. Read the key takeaways and unique perspectives on the TopRank Online Marketing Blog.


November 2007
PubCon, the search engine and Internet marketing conference and tradeshow, has announced the appointment of an Advisory Board. Heather has been named to the advisory board.


February 2007
Check out Heather’s mini interview with Todd Mintz of SEMpdx as she talks about her upcoming Searchfest Presentation.


February 2007
The Search Engine Marketing Professionals of Portland have announced SearchFest ’07. Heather will speak with other industry leading experts at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon, beginning March 7th.


January 2007
Check out Heather’s 15-minute interview with Mike McDonald of WebProNews: SEO Copywriting — Benefit or Compromise.

Direct Marketing Association

January 2007
The DMA has announced the 2006-2007 Special Interest Council Chair & Vice Chair appointments — Heather is on board with the DMA Search Engine Marketing Council again!


November 2006
Watch Heather’s 6-minute interview about Web Content with Chris Richardson at the Las Vegas PubCon.


November 2006
Heather comments on paid & organic search during the holidays.


November 2006
David A. Utter relays Heather’s message about search writing from the PubCon Panel discussion: Feeding the Search Engines.

SuccessWorks Search Marketing Labs

October 2006
Heather leads the panel as SuccessWorks co-sponsors the Search Marketing Labs at the DMA ’06 Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco, CA.

WebSideStory press release

September 2006
Heather comments on WebSideStory’s study about PPC search converting slightly better than organic.

Search Engine Watch

June 2006
Heather dicusses how to maintain your search
engine reputation

Search Engine Watch

May 2006
Are you taking wild measures to ensure your search engine rankings? Heather
how this tactic can backfire.


May 2006
Heather stood out at the ACCM conference.

iBiz Resources

March 2006
There is a lot of information out there about optimizing your website to achieve high rankings, and it can be overwhelming. Heather manages to give you all that you need to know to get on track with improving your search engine rankings in this article.

Search Engine Watch

January 2006
Danny Sullivan speaks highly of Heather and her contributions to the SEO industry.

Internet Search Engine Database

January 2006
If you don’t think that your website copy is important when drawing customers to your website, you should think again. Heather shares her expertise on how to drive searches to your website through well written website copy in this interview.

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