Copywriting Business Boot Camp classes

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Week one:

How to live your life without compromise
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Discover how to create the life (and the writing business) that fits your lifestyle. This foundational lesson will help you create the life you want to live – and create a road map for your future success.

Conquering the dragon within
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

We all have a dragon inside of us that colors how we see ourselves, deal with challenges – even handle success. This lesson discusses why it’s crucial for self-employed copywriters to get to know their inner dragon – and how to conquer it.

How to get real
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Learn to work from your strengths! Did you know that your entrepreneurial personality dictates how you work, how you react to stress – even what clients you prefer? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to assess and work with your own unique entrepreneurial DNA.

What’s on your copywriting menu?
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

If you’re new to owning your own copywriting shop, you may wonder what services you should offer. Or, if you’ve been in business for awhile, you may want to edit some services that aren’t fun or profitable – and possibly add new ones. In this lesson, you’ll learn how your entrepreneurial DNA can help you determine your ideal services mix.

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Week two:

The “Niche Rich” Approach: How You Can Attract More Copywriting Clients by Focusing On a Hot Industry
Instructor: Pam Foster

Did you know that focusing on a certain “niche” market can help you establish yourself as an expert, make your marketing easier – even allow you to charge higher fees. Pam will teach you proven ways to find your perfect niche market and how to “niche yourself rich!”

Who is your perfect customer and where do you find them?
Instructor: Bob Bly

Learn from one of the copywriting masters! In this Webinar, Bob Bly expands upon Pam’s “niche rich” approach and discusses innovative ways you can find and market to your perfect customer.

SWOT your way to copywriting success
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

A crucial step for any business owner is an initial SWOT analysis – examining your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. This discussion  builds on the “how to get real” lesson and focuses on how to develop a SWOT analysis, why a SWOT analysis is so important and how it can apply to other areas of your life.

Pick one! How to find your uniqueness.
Instructor: Sean D’Souza

What makes your business (and you, as a copywriter) really and truly unique? This Webinar by Sean D’Souza (complete with fun cartoons) gives you step-by-step guidance on uncovering what makes you stand out from the copywriting crowd. Discover how big brands like Volvo have stamped their unique value propositions on our brains, and how you can do the exact same thing with your business. Whether you’ve been in business five days or five years, you’ll learn a lot from this great presentation.

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Week three:

Business set-up basics: What you need to succeed
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

If you want to be a successful copywriter, you’ll need more than a computer and reliable Internet access (although that’s a great start!) You’ll need to consider how to manage projects, time and your books. Plus, there are steps you should take to separate your business from your personal assets. If your copywriting business is brand-new, you NEED to watch this Webinar. Plus, if you’re an established copywriter, you’ll discover different ways to manage your business life.

TaxMama’s® Tempting Tax Tips for Content Providers and the Internet Community
Instructor: Eva Rosenberg

Do you think of taxes and feel your stomach immediately starting to tighten up? Figuring out your taxes is almost “easy” when you’re working for someone else. But what about when it’s your responsibility to figure out your own taxes and deductions? How do you make sure that Uncle Sam is getting his piece of the pie? Eva Rosenberg is the goddess of small-business tax issues and an incredibly engaging speaker. This Webinar will change the way you look at taxes forever.

Legal considerations for copywriters: How to write contracts and protect your intellectual property
Instructor: Bob Ellis

Copywriters – whether they’ve been in business five minutes or five years – always have questions around contracts and legal.  Does a copywriter always need a contract? What are the elements of a “good” agreement? Is there a time when you should run away screaming from a contract, never to look back? Bob Ellis is an Internet law guru and incredibly knowledgeable. He’ll discuss how the legal side of running your copywriting business doesn’t have to be hard – or even expensive – if you set things up correctly.

Mo’ money, less problems – How to set rates and live your dream lifestyle
Instructor: Steve Wilkinghoff

How much money do you need to live your dream lifestyle? If you’re thinking, “I don’t know how I’ll ever make that much money,” then this Webinar is for you. Steve Wilkinghoff, author of Found Money, will discuss easy ways you can determine what to charge (and even who to work with,) to give you the dream lifestyle that you want. Steve has taught many business owners how to look at their companies and clients in a completely new way (including me!). Prepare for an eye-opening Webinar!

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Week four:

Build a killer site
Instructor: Joe Dolson

Copywriters will often ask me if they need to build a site. My answer is always “Yes, yes, YES!” Not only does your site showcase your work, but it’s also the first thing many prospects see. After all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. You’ll learn what what to do before talking to a designer, what to include on your site – and even when to launch! This is a great Webinar for new copywriters, or copywriters who have existing sites and who want to make them even better.

7 Steps To a Better Marketing Plan
Instructor: Art Remnet

It’s amazing how many copywriters “forget” to create marketing plans – even if they create them for clients. Instead, they figure that they’ll do stuff on the fly and see what happens.  Or, they think, “things are working – maybe I don’t need to do anything else.” Developing a killer marketing plan doesn’t have to be scary – or suck up so much time that you won’t have any left for client work. It’s simply figuring out what you want and developing an actionable plan. In this Webinar, Art Remnet will break down the marketing plan process and show you how to pull it all together.

How to network like a pro (even if you dislike networking!)
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Do you hear the word “networking” and automatically think of boring gatherings and stupid small talk?  Consider this:  Networking can help you identify potential partnerships, meet new clients and build your brand. Plus, it doesn’t have to be scary or boring – really! In this Webinar, I’ll teach you some of my “tricks of the trade” that can turn the most reticent wallflower into a networking pro!

Power-up your profits with partnerships!
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Want to make more money by selling less? Partnerships are the key! Partnering up with a designer, programmer, list broker – even another copywriting firm – is a smart move. Your partner is looking for a reliable copywriter (that’s you!) who will take good care of their client and turn around excellent work. You’re looking for more consistent work that pays you the rate you want. When you meet the right person, you have an instant win-win! This Webinar will teach you how to partner with another company, questions to ask – and what to avoid.

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Week five:

How to build writing products and never do time wasting proposals again
Instructor: Ivana Taylor

Does the thought of creating a proposal make you groan? I feel your pain. Creating proposals is a time-sucking task. Hours can go by as you create a professional-looking document. Then, you send it to your prospect and keep your fingers crossed. If you get the gig – great! If not, you just spent two hours (or more) developing a document for no cash. This Webinar discusses how you can package your services and sell without a proposal, step-by-step. Never create a proposal again!

Sales boot camp for copywriters: How to find, motivate and impress your prospects
Instructor – Denny Graham

Do you hate selling? Executing a sales strategy is as simple as developing a process. How will you find prospects? How will “sell” your value proposition? How will you move people through the pipeline? Chatting to prospects and selling your services should be as simple as saying your 30-second elevator speech. Once you have their attention, it’s easy to send along your information and close the deal. This Webinar leads you through the consultative sales process, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to make friends with the prospect, share your expertise and “sell” in a no-stress way.

How to wow your clients every time (and keep them coming back for more!)
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

Are you ready to wow your clients and make them love you? Here’s the secret: You have to develop some tight-and-wired processes around your invoicing, what you do when a client signs, how you create copy – even how you ask for testimonials. Streamlining your process will help you develop better copy, faster. That means you can take on new clients. Or even take a day off here and there. Process = freedom.  If you want to live your life without compromise, freedom is a wonderful thing! This Webinar will teach you, step-by-step, how to develop processes in your business – and how to keep your clients coming back for more!

10 quirky (but common) client scenarios: What to do when
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

In my 20+ years of being in business, I have gone through so many weird client situations. There was the client who called me at 6 a.m., and was extremely upset that I didn’t pick up. There was the big brand client who didn’t want to pay me because “We went in a different direction, so the copy isn’t right anymore.” Nobody ever tells you how to handle these situations – and that’s why I created this Webinar.  This Webinar discusses 10 quirky (but common) client scenarios and teaches you how to handle them. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

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Week six:

How to make more money from the clients you already have
Instructor: Steve Wilkinghoff

If you’ve been waiting for the “good times” to come back – and a huge rush of clients to be knocking at your virtual door – here’s a news flash. You may have a long wait. The good news is, one of the easiest ways you can maximize your income is to make more money from the clients you already have.  This Webinar will teach you how to build a customer profitability matrix and determine your best clients.

How to use social media to build new relationships
Instructor: Graeme McLaughlin

Social media is a fantastic way to boost your brand and connect with other like-minded people online (including future clients!). However, succeeding with social media is more than setting up a bunch of Twitter sales messages and waiting for the bucks to roll in. It’s taking the time to determine what you want to be famous for, “owning” your name online and learning how to share your best stuff in the right way. In this Webinar, you’ll learn how to develop a social media program that builds new relationships – and drives qualified leads.

How to keep your work/life balance
Instructor: Sarah Clacher

It’s easy for copywriters to burn ourselves out because we love what we do. Instead of setting boundaries and taking care of our bodies, we push ourselves to finish a deadline. We eat bad food because we “don’t have time” to cook. “Moving your body” means moving from the computer to the living room.  That’s why this discussion by Sarah Clachar, owner of Your Healthy Home Business, is so important. If you’re just starting your copywriting career, this podcast will help you create healthy home business habits. And if you’re a copywriting veteran, this is a great opportunity to consider if how you’re working is still working for you – or if you’re neglecting your own needs to “take care of business.”

Ways to balance client work, marketing and sales without going insane
Instructor: Heather Lloyd-Martin

One of the greatest challenges that copywriters face is balancing sales, marketing and client work. When the client work is clicking along, it’s easy to put marketing and sales on the back burner. But the reality is: If you don’t market your business on a consistent basis, you’re putting your business at risk. This Webinar teaches you how to build business processes that streamline your client work, marketing and sales tasks. You’ll learn how to work more efficiently – and free up more time in your business.

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