We have a winner – SEO Copywriting Certification training

Well, choosing the best entry was hard...

…But at the end of the day, the F. Scott Fitzgerald reference got to me.  Please join me for with a warm round of applause for Heather Georgoudiou from Revenue Performance! Starting today, she’s receiving a free subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training!

I caught up with Heather and asked her why she was excited to win (and she LOOKS excited in her photo, doesn’t she?). Heather said:

“Writing can be a difficult task. In order to succeed you need determination, encouragement, and solid advice. I’m very excited about the SEO copywriting program and learning the latest techniques from Heather Lloyd-Martin.  Thanks a million!”

Thank YOU, Heather – and to everyone who submitted their fantastic “why I want to be a Certified SEO copywriter” posts. You all rock!