Canadian translations from your favourite Canuck!

Canadian Flag

In one of my last posts, I promised you more American vs. Canadian translations. So here they are””you can add these to your fund of trivia!

American = Canadian

10th grade = Grade 10

Knock on wood = Touch wood

Beating a dead horse = Flogging a dead horse

Get lost! = Take off!

Winter hat = Toque

Parking garage = Parkade

Canadian whisky = Rye

Pint of liquor = Micky

Huh = Eh

Uh-huh = You’re welcome

College = University

Candy bar = Chocolate bar

Studio apartment = Bachelor(ette) pad

7-11 = Convenience store

Ladies panties = Underwear

Cab = Taxi

Napkins = Serviettes

Faucet = Tap

Vacation = Holiday

Peameal bacon = Canadian bacon back bacon

Check = Bill

Drapes = Curtains

Motor = Engine

Zip code = Postal code

State = Province

President = Prime minister

Dollar = Loonie

Two dollars = Toonie

Beer on tap = Draught

Cookout = BBQ

Closet = Cupboard

Restroom = Washroom

Oatmeal = Porridge

(hope) Chest = Trunk

OK, which ones have I missed? Anyone who has a good one, give us a shout & let us know!