Copywriting challenge: Write for 15 minutes a day

You stare at the screen, fingers poised over the keyboard.  That brilliant writing idea you had last night over a glass of merlot doesn’t seem so brilliant in the light of day. You answered your email.  You made some calls.  You procrastinated as much as you possibly can.

And now, it’s just you and the computer and the pressure.

It’s not like you don’t like to write. You like to write. Hell, some days you love to write. If the writing Muse just visited a tad more frequently…

Think of it this way: getting in the writing habit – whether that means blogging or creating your latest SEO copywriting masterpiece- is like getting in the exercise habit. Starting fresh is hard work.  You sweat and strain and hate every moment of it.  Then one day, it all clicks.  You realize that you start feeling “off” if you don’t take that lunchtime Pilates class (or write your latest blog post.)  And without knowing it, you’ve suddenly replaced your old habit (being a literary couch potato) to one that’s much more productive.

So, here’s your SEO copywriting challenge: Write for 15 minutes before you do anything else tomorrow and keep that habit going every business day for a solid month. Don’t check email first (checking email and the anxiety it provokes can be the biggest writer’s-block cause of all).  Don’t stress about the “perfect” topic. Just write. It’s OK if all you write is “this is stupid” over and over. It’s OK to create a grocery list if nothing else comes to mind.

Just write.

Set a timer and tell yourself you can stop the second the timer buzzes.  Don’t worry about form or tone or structure.

Just write.

You’ll notice three things:

  • Like exercise, your 15-minute writing assignment will seem torturous some days. You will be staring at the clock waiting for the pain to end. But just like exercise, the writing process will gradually start feeling better and better.
  • Some of your writing will be absolute drivel. Be OK with that. Just know that within that drivel, you’ll discover gems of absolute copywriting brilliance.  Learn to appreciate the brilliance when you see it and be gentle with yourself around the other.
  • Amazingly enough, some days you will write longer than 15 minutes. Your fingers will fly over the keyboard while you experience the drug that keeps writers..well…writing – the writer’s high. Enjoy it. The more you write, the better your writing days will be – and you’ll be writing faster (and better) than ever before.