SEO copywriting in Vegas, baby – DMA ‘08

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. Next week begins DMA ’08, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I leave on Sunday for three jam-packed days filled with sessions, meetings, and yet more sessions. Here’s the latest and greatest:

Wondering how to improve your SEO campaign? Check out the SuccessWorks Search Marketing Experience Labs. A panel of experts will review your site and give you the SEO lowdown on what’s great, what you can do better and what you need to change right now. I’m extremely honored that some of the best and the brightest industry thought-leaders are joining me on this fast-paced panel. You’ll meet:

Jeannette Kocsis – Harte-Hanks

Graeme McLaughlin – BCAA

Detlev Johnson — Search Return

Join us October 14th from 2-3pm and October 15th from 10-11am. If you join us on the 14th, you can help me celebrate my birthday. There may even be cake (and really, shouldn’t every conference session have cake?).

But seriously, the Search Marketing Experience panels are not to be missed. After all, it’s not every day that you can receive thousands of dollars of SEO advice for the cost of a conference pass. Just one tip could literally pay for the entire trip. Really.

If you want to drill down into SEO copywriting and content development, I’m co-presenting with Graeme McLaughlin on “Profiting through the Search Engine Sales Cycle“ on Monday, October 12th from 3-4:15. I’ll be discussing how to make money, see higher search rankings and streamline your spend with SEO copywriting — and Graeme will present his case study about how BCAA is leveraging content on their site. Graeme’s a great guy with an even better accent — it should be a rockin’ session.

See you in Vegas, baby.