Does your group or organization want to know how to write content that Google loves?

Why travel to a conference when I can speak to your local group, instead?

I know what it’s like when you’re wondering if you should register for a conference. You have to take a day off work. You’re traveling. And you hope – really hope – that the conference is worth the money.

Well, you’re in for a treat.

If you’ve wanted to learn how to write for search engines and drive more traffic to your site, the SEO Copywriting Success Summit is for you. This isn’t a big, faceless conference stuffed full of 5,000 attendees. You won’t be listening to a talking head for eight hours. This is a small, intimate group of 25 people with lots of hands-on time for you…

(And, really, isn’t it time that a conference focused on you for a change?)

My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin, and I’ve been training folks in successful SEO copywriting techniques longer than anyone else (over 12 years now!). I’ve traveled the world – from Australia to the U.K. to even Vegas – showing people actionable ways they can add a one-two SEO punch to their copy. And I can teach you too.

My goal for the SEO Copywriting Success Summit isn’t to leave you with more questions than answers. It’s to tell you everything I know about proven online SEO copy techniques and hold nothing back. My goal is for you to walk away from the event and know exactly how you can make thousands more with your Web content.

I want you to walk away knowing the online writing fundamentals – plus know how to apply those fundamentals for top Google and Bing rankings and tons of new Web traffic.

I want you to write hot copy that the search engines love.

In short – I want to share all my SEO copywriting secrets with you and show you how powerful (and fun) great online writing can be for your site.

(Yes, seeing the Web page you wrote getting top Google rankings can be pretty darn fun!).

Interested in the SEO copywriting seminar? Contact me today and we can get it set up for your group.

Is learning how to write top-ranking copy a good investment for your group? Let’s find out…

Maybe you’re an in-house marketing ninja who is in charge of “learning about SEO copywriting and teaching the rest of the team.” The knowledge you’ll gain (and the rankings your company can achieve after the training) can transform you into the office hero.

Imagine writing a page that shoots to the top of the Google charts – how much money would that bring your company?

That’s what happened with the folks from Mainline Information Systems. After receiving SEO copywriting training, they were seeing page one rankings for some of their top keyphrases.

“We made immediate changes to keywords on specific pages, and those pages are now ranked in the first position, first page by major search engines. We even outranked our supplier! Heather is a great teacher, easy to understand, and obviously helped us produce results.” – Mary Strauss, VP Marketing, Mainline Information Systems

Or, maybe you’re a business owner, and you want to know how to drive more customers to your online (or physical store.) Learning how to write for Google and Bing can have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Heather taught me how to write Web pages and research keyphrases . Within a matter of weeks I saw my client base increase by 20%! In a world of Portland Pilates, Heather has managed to get us to the top of all related Pilates searches.Heather is amazing at what she does. I’m forever grateful. — Dan Walton, Studio Blue Pilates

Or you’re a freelance online Web writer, and your clients are clamoring for SEO Web writing help. This hands-on session can help “fill in the gaps” – and even help you increase your freelance Web writing income!

I completed the course recently, and am already finding that prospects are taking me a lot more seriously now that I have the certificate. In fact, all I’ve done to promote it so far is add mention of the certification in my social media bios…in two weeks I’ve gotten inquiries from several businesses as a result. – Heather Mueller

Whether you’re in-house, small business or a freelance writer, your one-time SEO Copywriting Seminar investment should pay for itself many times over.

Interested in the SEO copywriting seminar? Contact me today and we’ll work out dates and rates!

Plus, the training isn’t over when it’s over! Every person who signs up also receives free access to my top-reviewed 3-month SEO Copywriting Certification program. You’ll have access to twice-monthly conference calls where you can ask your follow-up questions, plus enjoy 24/7 access to the exclusive SEO copywriting forums and Certification training materials.

You can even take the Exam after three months and receive your Certification in SEO Copywriting. You won’t find another SEO copywriting training program that gives you both hands-on and online help.

Here’s a possible agenda:

(Please note that this agenda will be slightly customized for the audience. What my seminar participants want, they get!)


9 a.m.- noon:

  • How you can use free keyphrase research tools to target money-making keyphrases
  • 6 steps to a robust keyphrase research strategy
  • Wondering what to write about? How you can find topic ideas.
  • How to get inside your customers’ heads and determine the best writing approach.
  • How to write Web content, step-by-step
  • 3 places where your content should always contain keyphrases
  • Ways you can use “power words” to increase your conversion rates
  • How the Google snippet trick can help increase conversions off the search engine results page
  • How to create powerful Titles and descriptions that scream “click me” on the search engine results page.

1-4 p.m. – Hands-on training

Tired of “talking heads” seminars that don’t give you real-world experience? The second part of the seminar gives you a chance to try your hand at SEO copywriting.

  • 1-2 p.m., some audience members will have the opportunity to have their site evaluated live and learn how to improve it for search positions and conversions.
  • 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., Lloyd-Martin will lead audience members through hands-on exercises, giving them opportunity to work through the SEO copywriting process step-by-step, ask questions and get immediate feedback.
  • 3:30 – 4 p.m. – Q & A and wrap-up.

Panelists are highly encouraged to bring laptops to the training.

“There are many people who do speaking and training on search marketing, but Heather is one of the best. Her clear speaking style, with an emphasis on both what’s effective and what’s realistic in a business situation, is what differentiates her from the techno-speak that you usually get. Plus, she’s fun, which is even better. I’ve worked with Heather on several speaking engagements, and would jump to do so again. Don’t miss your chance to work with her.” – Mike Moran, Chief Strategist at Converseon, previously the Distinguished Engineer and Manager of Web Experience, IBM

Let’s get started, right now. Give me a call  (503) 476-1065 and let’s start planning!